By Anonymous - 23/04/2023 06:00

Today, my man got arrested for starting a fistfight with a cashier who wouldn't let him smuggle out groceries without paying. It gets worse; two weeks ago he got arrested mugging a guy at a gas station, and he's still on bail. FML
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You're with a criminal, expect him to commit crime.

And you’re still with him… why, exactly?

ydi yourself for not leaving 2 weeks ago. welcome to your life if you don't run far away

So how long do you think it'll be until he assaults you? You're with a criminal and he will only get worse 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

I hate people like you. just assuming that every criminal is a bad person and beats their family/partner.

I'm sure he's a very reasonable, polite mugger.

Having no impulse control is a red flag.

If this guy can manage to maintain a healthy relationship that means there's hope for us all.