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Today, I got a call from a girl I dated long ago, who cheated on me and got pregnant by another guy, or so we thought. Turns out it isn't his, and she is taking me to court for child support. FML
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Whoa... What a Bi*ch... Get a DNA test homie!!


AngelLovesDerby 10

Whoa... What a Bi*ch... Get a DNA test homie!!

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homie? you dont even know him 'dawg'

If you never put your name on the birth certificate. She can't get you for back child support I should know I'm in the same battle right now

Depends on area for that. Some areas, all a girl has to do is point the finger. Those saying DNA tests are correct. If it is your child, regardless of how the mother is, man up and take responsibility. Don't be an absent father or you will miss out on something special. But know for sure first.

And if the DNA test comes up positive you can change your name and get a job loading freight... In India...

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Who knows, we might see them on Maury!

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if it is his, turn it back on her and get custody, if he is capable of caring for the child.

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Maury: Opens envelope. "You are NOT the father." OP: *does a backflip*

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How did you manage to get two #1 comments?

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Is the child yours or someone completely different. Either way FYL.

**** that other guy's life she pinned this on too. Most likely he'll have to continue to pay child support regardless that it's not his child. Courts don't care-- especially if he first accepted responsibility for the child. It's sad that a lot of guy's get screwed in our court system. Gotta be careful with whom you have sex with. It might bite you in the ass!

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"18 years, 18 years, she have 1 of yo kids got you for 18 years"

Actually #45, depending on the state, both could be screwed. When my husband and I first met he had a 2 year old. Long story short, wasn't his kid, he offered to continue supporting the child as if he were still the father, and the court said no (even though there was no other father in the picture). Lawyer up OP, this won't be fun :(

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Exactly. She can't force you to pay w/out positive confirmation from a DNA test.

this is for op, if it's been two years and the other guy already assumed the role of a father then you may not be liable here, what I suggest is get in contact with a lawyer that deals in ffamily law.

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No support!

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Wrap in latex or she's gunna get your paychecks

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Yep--wrap it before you tap it!

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Safe sex is great sex better wear a latex

bump and grind, no it ain't mine, I'll take a test in court you'll leave stressed with no support, depressed with no retort, you won't be impressed by the report, itll be revealed that it was incest of course.

Well, rubber breaks. Maybe he did wear one, or maybe she went all "overly obsessed girlfriend" and poked holes in the condoms.

dont you love it when a bimbo screws you twice? hate girls like that . sorry hon

Damn... Is it definitely yours? If there's any chance at all that it isn't, do a DNA test. Child support is the most bullshit concept in the legal system... There are so many cases where it's not right.

And there are some cases where it's desperately needed. My mother was a single mom trying to support her children. I hate to think what would have happened if it hadn't been for the court-mandated child support my father was forced to pay. It was basically his only contribution to my entire upbringing.

what's bullshit is a 23 y/o guy knocking up his 18 y/o gf, then running off to hide behind mommy and daddy pretending nothing ever happened. And even 10 years later he only pays a pathetic amount to avoid jail time since having his license suspended for several years wasn't enough initiative to not be a deadbeat.

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It's sometimes better for the children NOT to have to spend time with one of their parents. I can see how it could be terrible for the child - "honey, I know is horrible to you, but I need to pay for school".

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Sorry down voted 31 for such a long comment.

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It would be nice in cases where one parent denies the other visitation, even when it is court ordered. No visits, no paychecks.

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Yes but there's also cases where the mom refuses to work, lives off welfare and relatives, lies to the courts and the dad foots the bill..all while never seeing the child because mom doesn't want him to

86 - That happened with my brother-in-law. The mother doesn't even HAVE the daughter (she lives with her grandma) but my BIL still has to pay the mother child support because she "legally" has custody. And my BIL can't see his daughter ever because the grandmother is transient and constantly moves because she can't/won't pay rent. My BIL tried to get custody, but the court attorney asked the daughter where she wanted to live and, of course, she said she wanted to stay where she was because her grandmother never gave her any rules/boundaries. Even at twelve she was staying out all night at guys' houses. He has two kids with my sister, but all the money that should be going to raise take care of them goes to his ex's various drug addictions in the form of child support. Even though they're together, my sister was debating taking him to court for child support simply so the amount that goes to his ex would get cut way down.

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#31 I don't think you know the difference between alimony and child support... Time for some research.

31 - I downvoted you because the point you were trying to make is rambling, unclear, and even after reading your comment a second time, I still can't seem to discern what it was.

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Can we all just say this system is messed up, sometimes it works but a lot if times things are not done with enough attention or understanding and people, children get hurt

Get a paternity test before you let her do anything.

Wow, that snake bites from both ends. Take a paternity test, first and foremost, then explain what happened in court. It probably won't do anything, but it never hurts to try! Best of luck.