By Juliet - 10/03/2011 12:36

Today, I auditioned for my school's production of Romeo and Juliet. When they announced that I got the part as Juliet, all the guys auditioning for Romeo suddenly disappeared. FML
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where for art thou Romeo!

I thought juliet was supposed to be pretty


where for art thou Romeo!

damn wanted to post that :(

sucks to be ugly

It's a play, they know they're acting, right? No justification in leaving.

#18 yeah there is if she ugly a fatty or both!

#16 and #20- lmao to both replys!!!

1- Actually, "wherefore art thou Romeo?" means,"Why are you Romeo?" (or something close to that). Since, Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montegue(sp?). She is not asking where he is. No worries though, a lot of people make that mistake.

I was going to mention the same thing, "wherefore" = "why". In other words, "Why are you Romeo *Montegue*? Couldn't you have been from any other family?"

I'm pretty sure that means why are you Romeo or something like that.....

^Ditto. Call me a nerd, but it bugs the fuck out of me when people use it incorrectly. But if I say "wherefore" to someone, and they respond correctly, we can be bestfriends. English nerd for life.

45, correct. "Wherefore" is the question. "Therefore" is the answer.


who cares ??????

^well you're from Russia so obviously you won't coz you know, everythings backwards there :L

that's soviet Russia

wow, way to shit all over #1's comment

^ exactly what I was thinking.

#1 said 'where for' not 'wherefore'..'Twas a pun. (For me it was anyway.)

noons. everyone knows it's "whatever are for thou thee lunch"

actually "wherefore" means "why"

my only love came from my only hate

I have to read the play it's so boring we just started act 4

Regardless of whether or not he knows exactly what 'wherefore' means - it's still funny.

now are you fat?

155- Since "wherefore" was used incorrectly, it really wasn't that funny. Unless you didn't know what "wherefore" meant, I suppose.

'wherefore art thou romeo' means ' why are you romeo?' just thought you know..

U idiot that mean why are you Romeo in shakespearian

You guys are all pretentious idiots, it was obviously a joke.

Could it be a coincidence?

that sucks. maybe they all got nervous and scared of you

Maybe it wasn't a problem with you, something may have came up. Or maybe it was, I'm not too sure.

Yay! It's nice to see nice comments. :)

I thought juliet was supposed to be pretty

lolzzzzz apparently not :P

maybe they can't descriminate based on looks

Maybe the girl is just really bitchy or rude or something

lol I actually find that pretty funny :P

cue ridiculously fat news anchors who take up all the entire screen when pointing out weather patterns. everyone wants to be politically correct these days. whatever. i'm not dissing fat people -- i'm just saying you can't please everyone. some roles just shouldn't be played by certain people. |the kid|

does this guy have to leave a signature on EVERY comment? and if so, why isnt it TheNewGuy03?

Rallets, chill. He's not hurting anyone with the few extra characters.

Must be bad breath !!!

"I wanna show you all my wares"

Maybe you need to shave?

Shave what? Her man-parts? O.O

She could have been confused with benvolio

that's heartless

sucks to be you.sounds like you would have had a better chance trying out for Romeo

lmao, that picture is my iPod's wallpaper XD

Oh dear, that's not good. Maybe you can step aside and be a tree in the play instead!