By ThirteenThirteen - 01/04/2015 22:09 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, I was sent the script to a play I'm participating in at school. After reading it a couple of times, I noticed that my part has been forgotten completely. FML
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What a great time to learn improv.

Crew has more fun anyway.


What a great time to learn improv.

Totally agree. A great opportunity to perform in the play and improvise every line. Might as well invent a leading role for yourself while you're at it.

Talk to whoever made the script and tell them, "where is my part??"

Crew has more fun anyway.

LostInTheZone11 28

My high school's Stage Crew slogan. "We do it in the dark."

I totally agree crew is the best ?

Looks like you got cut..

your role has been edited...

Happy April Fools Day?

This is your chance to do what ever you want!

....sabotage the show

You never know OP, they may just be playing with you.