By Indoraptor - 14/11/2009 12:59 - United States

Today, I went to see the cast list for the new musical I'm in. I didn't get the part I wanted, and instead I got the part of one of the suitors. Interestingly, they made me the suitor to my ex. And the guy she leaves me for at the end of the musical is the guy she left me for in real life. FML
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greenltrn2003 0

story of your life huh?

Awh. thats unlucky.


Awh. thats unlucky.

oh, the irony lol xD

More like the director's a douche (probably was well aware of the situation)

that's harsh. maybe you can mix it up in the play and dump her first =P

Wouldn't be allowed to if it wasn't a play the director wrote themselves. It would defy copyright laws.

girlygirl666 0

Don't you hate it when art imitates life?

greenltrn2003 0

story of your life huh?

dudeitsdanny 9

I think it's the specifics of the part he got that are the FML, not that it wasn't the part he wanted.

perdix 29

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Ooooh how I always enjoy your comments Perdix. Perhaps you are making OP a personal offer to the homosexual lifestyle? /had to, don't hate.

perdix 29

Oh, no. I'm just thinking he might have better luck if he tried playing for the other team. I'm happy on our team, but thanks for asking.

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HahaYDI 0

That right there, is a sign that no one loves you. Not even fate.

peroxideprincess 0

bahahaha! i'm sorry OP but i agree...

fringle 0

WOW another fml about a play

Is the play "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?" That sounds like the plot. And that sucks, dude. I'm sorry. :/

faxe 0

someone up there wanted you to see the stupidity of your actions, twice. either you deserve her or even the good lord is wondering how you hooked up with the **** in the first place.