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Today, my school's theater production was canceled. Not because of budget, but because my co-star fell in love with me and asked me out. When I pointedly declined, he refused to act alongside me since it was "awkward." Everyone's blaming me for it. FML
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I'm sorry OP! It's not your fault you didn't want to get into a relationship. Honestly, that's pretty immature of him if he can't be professional about this and just move on. It shouldn't all be blamed on you.


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This is why I use puppets and give out candy when I explain to others why I declined to go out with someone.

Write your comment without sounding like an asshat

Apparently it's wrong to not go out with someone?

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That is so ******* typical. **** him and everyone blaming you. You don't have to date a guy just because he fell in love with you. Nobody told him to fall in love with you, he can take his butt hurt self somewhere else. This makes me so mad ughhh

45 are you talking to OP or #2 because #2 is talking about the guy not OP

No I was talking to op about the guy.

Kinda surprising since there are almost always backups...

Not if it's a high school play. I did theater in high school and we never had any understudies. The closest we had is if someone quit shortly after, the part would go to an ensemble member.

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Every high school play that any I have seen has had understudies though. Probably just different for each school.

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Every high school play that I have seen*

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I'm in high school drama and we never have enough people for understudies...

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Like I said just different for every school I guess.

I'm sorry OP! It's not your fault you didn't want to get into a relationship. Honestly, that's pretty immature of him if he can't be professional about this and just move on. It shouldn't all be blamed on you.

It's high school, nobody is professional.

Maybe not professional actors, but they can act professional. Obviously not many are willing, but they are perfectly capable of putting personal issues like a rejection aside if they care about what they do.

Sorry that you're getting punished for being lovable op!

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Just take one for the team. Haha.

No. she should not be forced to date someone she has no interest in just because they threw a pissy fit!

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It was a joke. I wouldn't ever seriously suggest someone be forced to date any one.

It's a high school production, even if the school has a big drama program, unless it's an acting school there aren't usually enough kids for everyone to have an understudy.

40 of course there aren't enough for everyone to have an understudy but surely if he want important enough to stop the play and was a costar then he would have someone who could take over...

This is true, I was in a highschool play as well. Peter Pan, I was one of the twin lost boys. My twin got moved up to one of Wendy's brothers when the original person couldn't do it. Though there might be an issue if it was too soon to the play for someone else to learn the parts.

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55- they could have pushed it back

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Exactly what I was thinking. At my old high school there were always understudies (at least for the major roles), and they would even dedicate one of the matinee shows to all the understudies filling the roles. And I doubt it goes for every school but I know there was no way to reschedule plays and musicals because we rent out our theatre so it has to be scheduled months ahead of time.

If it was near the play date and they were important that would be too many lines for someone to learn. Drama is not as easy as it seems.

Tell him that if he can't act through his emotions, than he has no future as an actor. And that the show must go on!

A truly tragic story OP. Did the play happen to be Romeo & Juliet? ;)