By JJMan217 - 03/04/2011 07:02 - Canada

Today, I attended a funeral. During the minute of silence, my phone went off. My ringtone is "It's good to be alive". FML
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YDI for not turning your phone off. You're at a funeral for God's sake.


I don't see how anyone deserves this. Unless the people are happy for him having a song like that.

14 only idiots would keep their on ringtone during a funeral.

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It could have been an accident, but turning off your phone is pretty important before a funeral.

I believe this is one of those win-fail situations!

woulda loved to hear, another one bites the dust by Queen. Or some guns n roses... "I used to love her, but I had to kill her"

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stairway to heaven would have been epic

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Same type of thing happened to me. My parents were at a memorial's day parade while I was home alone. I decided to get my laundry taken care of, and so I called my dad when I realized we were out of detergent... I had no idea that it just happened to be the moment of silence for all the soldiers that have died. His ringtone was "Hit me with your best shot" and it's set at full volume since he forgot to put it on silence.

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Payment for the funeral $1000 give or take; cellphone $90; ringtone $0.99; the reaction people gave you? priceless.

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should have been Awaken by Dethkloc or something lol


I don't know about this FML, it just doesn't seem believable.

YDI for not turning your phone off. You're at a funeral for God's sake.

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Apparently Doortje doesn't c

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It's true that people make mistakes, but this was a situation in which one should double check that his phone is on silent.

Can't double check if you didn't check the first time. ;)

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If they didn't want to turn it off, they should've at least changed it to a more appropriate song...

yes, froggygirl, because since they know their phone will go off at a funeral they need to change it to a funeral appropriate song... wow ur dumb

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not everyone remembers to turn off their cell or put it on silence.

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List of appropriate songs at a funeral: The theme song from MASH Thriller I Am Not Dead Yet Can't Touch This and any song by Al Green

How about Stairway to Heaven or Knockin' on Heaven's door?

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op just stole this from the ifailepic app / the news btw

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Nope. Maybe Don't Fear the Reaper, but no Stairway.

Hahahaha! True, maybe Hell's Bells if they were in a church :P

'another one bites the dust' would be funeral appropriate

"Still Alive" from Portal would be my personal choice.

Every funeral home I've been to, they ask people to turn them off and/or have signs up. This is not a "mistake," this is a crass, self-centered asshole with no consideration for anyone but himself.

He could have had a job where it was vital that he be accessed by phone 24/7, like a specialist medical consultant or something.

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Maybe someday looking back it could be funny. But you really should have had your phone off or on vibrate.

i bet to the deceased's mom/spouse/children that will never be funny

I would have laughed my ass off. :D and then cut my puppy wrists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldve reacted: Phone: "It's good to be alive!" *Everybody stares at OP* OP: what!? is it not? Just because that bitch is dead, I cant live?"

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Now that is comedy. You should have asked them why so serious!? Then start dancing to it.

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At a funeral? Bad luck mate, next time remember to turn the damn thing off!

yur pic scares the shit out of me. literally

no different than girls who use paintrollers to put on makeup

my name(real) means "alive" i guess no funerals for me

Um, I think so long as you're not shouting about it during the service it should be ok lol.

@ 4-well if he did that then we wouldn't have this FML right now

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that's an optimistic was of looking at it. :)

little predictable. but funny nonetheless