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Same type of thing happened to me. My parents were at a memorial's day parade while I was home alone. I decided to get my laundry taken care of, and so I called my dad when I realized we were out of detergent... I had no idea that it just happened to be the moment of silence for all the soldiers that have died. His ringtone was "Hit me with your best shot" and it's set at full volume since he forgot to put it on silence.

  ImanAzol  |  4

Every funeral home I've been to, they ask people to turn them off and/or have signs up. This is not a "mistake," this is a crass, self-centered asshole with no consideration for anyone but himself.

  Garay  |  0

I wouldve reacted:

Phone: "It's good to be alive!"
*Everybody stares at OP*
OP: what!? is it not? Just because that bitch is dead, I cant live?"