By Anonymous - United States - Amsterdam
Today, I ran into my infant daughter's room because I thought I heard her crying, and found she was still sound asleep in her crib. The screams were coming from the mouse our cat was using to paint her bedroom walls. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  18

Oh my God indeed!!! Those were my first words upon reading this FML... I gagged a little on the imagery painted in my head after reading this... I can still hear the mouse screaming, and now I see red blood smeared all over the walls... Wow... And it was loud enough for the mom to think it was her infant... That's some Sick stuff. Now I can't eat this chicken...

  ribbons  |  23

#23: At least OP found the situation by sound and sight. What truly is a gag-inducing experience is stepping barefoot into a nice puddle of cold and slimy dead mouse remains an hour later...