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Today, I ran into my infant daughter's room because I thought I heard her crying, and found she was still sound asleep in her crib. The screams were coming from the mouse our cat was using to paint her bedroom walls. FML
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Oh my God indeed!!! Those were my first words upon reading this FML... I gagged a little on the imagery painted in my head after reading this... I can still hear the mouse screaming, and now I see red blood smeared all over the walls... Wow... And it was loud enough for the mom to think it was her infant... That's some Sick stuff. Now I can't eat this chicken...

Thank you #23 for that visual I can picture it much better now

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2- I read that in Roger's voice and its fifteen times more hilarious!

My first words were "A mouse was screaming that loud?" and I proceeded to eat my potato soup.

#23: At least OP found the situation by sound and sight. What truly is a gag-inducing experience is stepping barefoot into a nice puddle of cold and slimy dead mouse remains an hour later...

I've done that first thing in the morning....what a way to wake up!

I saw your profile picture first and then read it in rogers voice

Lol I was about to write the same thing @#42

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I'm not feline these thread puns today

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It's not the first time, these puns have been going on fur a wild. (I tried)

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I think we could use serval more puns.

Jeez, kits. It's as if you've got nothing better to do than just be lion around, telling tails and being silly.

U sir just ruined the pun line. Get out of my face you disappoint me!

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That pun reminds me of the adventurous adventures of one direction

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( some time later cat sees it's owner) Just when I was Purr-fecting our routine mew came in and hissstracted us. It was to be the kit-tle Fenile of ours.

In every house cat, there is a tiger waiting.

The kills an average outdoor cat bring to you is only 1/4 of their kill count

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He was just trying to help out.

It just wanted to bring the baby a snack, what a sweet cat. Very amousing story.

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well that's disturbing to see. if i were OP i'll find it hard to eat for days.