By Anonymous - 15/12/2012 15:55 - United States - Amsterdam

Today, I ran into my infant daughter's room because I thought I heard her crying, and found she was still sound asleep in her crib. The screams were coming from the mouse our cat was using to paint her bedroom walls. FML
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In every house cat, there is a tiger waiting.


mmmm! dinner!

For the cat, maybe, but I doubt OP has much of an appetite after that...

Prepare for a flood of horrible cat puns.

Wiringify 22

Are you a cat 1?

No he's a pussy.. Cat ;-)

Damn everyone hating on my comment haha

I thought it was funny!!

rotflqtms_ 21

Oh my God indeed!!! Those were my first words upon reading this FML... I gagged a little on the imagery painted in my head after reading this... I can still hear the mouse screaming, and now I see red blood smeared all over the walls... Wow... And it was loud enough for the mom to think it was her infant... That's some Sick stuff. Now I can't eat this chicken...

Thank you #23 for that visual I can picture it much better now

Pegasister_fml 5

2- I read that in Roger's voice and its fifteen times more hilarious!

My first words were "A mouse was screaming that loud?" and I proceeded to eat my potato soup.

#23: At least OP found the situation by sound and sight. What truly is a gag-inducing experience is stepping barefoot into a nice puddle of cold and slimy dead mouse remains an hour later...

55 is my clone, apparently.

I've done that first thing in the morning....what a way to wake up!

I saw your profile picture first and then read it in rogers voice

Lol I was about to write the same thing @#42

Feature wall?

Creature feature.

imavelociraptor 6

Poor mouse!!! :'(

Now that Deadmau5 is engaged to Kat Von all makes sense now.

That is cat-astrophic!

You have got to be kitten

loserboii 11

I'm not feline these thread puns today

TallMist 32

But the jokes are purrfect!

KiddNYC1O 20

It's not the first time, these puns have been going on fur a wild. (I tried)

SApprentice 34

I think we could use serval more puns.

Meow it's just getting old.

It mouse be terrible...

Not so funny meow, is it?

Jeez, kits. It's as if you've got nothing better to do than just be lion around, telling tails and being silly.

U sir just ruined the pun line. Get out of my face you disappoint me!

akg98 13

That pun reminds me of the adventurous adventures of one direction

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( some time later cat sees it's owner) Just when I was Purr-fecting our routine mew came in and hissstracted us. It was to be the kit-tle Fenile of ours.

In every house cat, there is a tiger waiting.

The kills an average outdoor cat bring to you is only 1/4 of their kill count

To paint your walls?

One more thing to cross off your list! ;)

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He was just trying to help out.

It just wanted to bring the baby a snack, what a sweet cat. Very amousing story.

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well that's disturbing to see. if i were OP i'll find it hard to eat for days.