By perfectlybrokenx - 24/08/2010 04:21 - Canada

Today, while I was on a date, I noticed my ex-boyfriend in the restaurant, and he looked sad. So I walked over to see him and jokingly said, "You look like your mom died or something!" She had. FML
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Why would you talk to an ex while on a date?

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FFML_314 11

I hope you gave him a big hug! even if he is your ex

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what difference a 5 min. thinking would have make? She couldn't know it. OP, just apologize, give her a hug and you're fine.

Harsh. Hope you brightened up his day or atleast tried. :)

My mate once came into a crowded room and asked 'who died?', thnking we'd all just been told off. It was a guy in the year above. FYL OP- this is the kind of thing you could never know, and will presumably never do again in the future.

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Obviously people will say things without thinking and it takes some practice to learn how to hold back from having diarrhea of the mouth, but it is possible. It's just like walking up to a woman you assume is pregnant and asking, "how far along are you?" It can potentially be very hurtful. OP, I stick to my initial comment, "Think before you speak."

lol this is sort of similar to what happened to me w. MJ. I asked my cousins if he was dead cause I just didn't know and it turned out that he dies that day a few hours before I asked. lol I thought this was sort of different than asking a woman "how far along are you" cause like she didn't assume anything she just sort of tried to find out why he was sad jokingly by maybe saying the first reason of why someone would be sad that came to her mind......but she should've said something like " why do you look all sad and/or depressed?" instead of what she said..

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Seriously YDI for being a bitch. The way I see it is you only went over to him to rub in his face the fact that you were on a date,stupid bitch.

More importantly, why the **** did she go see her ex while on a date.

why would you f****** say such a thing? it is obvious that when if someone is looking sad, their mother has died!

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3 it's not exactly the best way of telling someone they look sad

Where is your date in all of this? Did you just leave him there all alone? *tsk tsk tsk*

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u guys are jerks. I prob stops say something similar. not meaning it bad

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U shouldn't say shit like that to anyone because U just never know it could B true! AND in this case it was! Foot in mouth I bet!!

is it really that hard to spell you instead on u? Hell if you added an e to the b it's be your word. Really that lazy?

Read 18, and learn to write proper English. Jesus.

never joke when someone is sad. it only makes things works. i would know.

I like it when my friends try to cheer me up with humor. :/

you better of sucked his **** as an apology

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Why would you joke like that? OP you're a total ass, no wonder he's your ex... smh

Why would you talk to an ex while on a date?

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that was my first thought, too.

i could be wrong, but i think it was because he looked down and could use someone to talk to. hold on, let me read the post again to make sure.

either that, or she was trying to make him feel worse for breaking up with her (assuming that's how the whole "ex" factor came about). i'm gonna read the post again in hopes of finding something about aliens.

It's disrespectful to the person she's currently dating to go and talk to an ex while on the date.