By wtfwhyfml - / Friday 14 June 2013 19:29 / United States
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OP here. I normally get to work before dawn; so he was just being a dick. I work as a home care provider for a little old lady with severe mental issues, who's husband/primary care provider works early mornings, as he owns his own lawn care business and where I live the heat is oppressive by noon. However, today he had to work late to make up contracted appointments he'd missed last week because of equipment problems; and for once cleared the hour change via the office. Hence, jackhole superviso


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God forbid people overlook mistakes and try to read the comment. I had no problem reading it and I easily understood what #1 was trying to say. No need to be grammar or spelling douche bags about it.


#1, I'm sure this workaholic wants to be subordinate to a slack-ass who can't be bothered to capitalize his I's.


#26, I just want to say correcting other people's spelling and/or grammar is actually a specific type of OCD called Grammar Pedantry Syndrome.


That's when you gotta keep trying to do your best and roll with the punches. Hopefully, if karma is truly our friend, you will be rewarded for it. Or, you know, hopefully your boss's BS bites him in the ass.

I'll bet someone higher up happened to notice and mention something... Boss is too proud to let you know it...

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