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Today, I asked a guy out. He told me no. Well, his exact words were "I would never go out with a whale, sorry." Then he went on to make whale noises. FML
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olpally 32

Slap him for being rude. Geeze, that's cold.

You will find someone eventually. Unfortunately, people can be ******* assholes that are probably insecure themselves.


olpally 32

Slap him for being rude. Geeze, that's cold.

TheEpicKitten 20

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Talis99 26

Kick his ass now since his parents didn't do it enough as a child to raise him not to be a ********.

#26 this is a definite reason to kick someone's ass.

What's the bet he tells everyone he's a "nice guy" and he doesn't understand why he can't get a girlfriend.

I’m with #26. “No amount of insults constitutes assault.” I’ve also seen females rejecting males in an equally rude way. Would this give a man the right to beat her? I think the users who say she should “kick him/slap him/and so on” just promote some sort of disgusting anti-male sexism. The fact that #26 has been down voted is really sad. I have a message for the users here on FML: Hurt feelings do not justify violence! Grow up and act like responsible adults.

#123 for one, the same comments are not made about women, because you don't hit women, any man knows this, sexist or not. And secondly, what part of this dude's behavior seems adult to you? Why do you feel he deserves an adult response? He wants to act like a chikd with zero regard for the feelings of OP, so OP should act in a similar fashion, as that seems to be the be the only way to get through to him.

#138: Are you really suggesting OP should imitate the immature behaviour of this man by acting even lower than he? You seem to have a problem with the concept of appropriate responses. Violence as a response to mere words no matter how hurtful they are is surely not appropriate. Your suggestion that OP should stop acting like an adult is only a thinly veiled excuse for violent revenge but wouldn’t help anyone, and it’s dangerous. Someone who insults a women without regard to civilized standards most likely would hit back. I know and I’m glad about the statement „you don’t hit women“. However, I don’t like it because you also shouldn’t hit men, and every year countless men become victims of violence, often domestic violence at the hand of their spouses, even though this fact seems to have slipped from the public mind. Promoting double standards in public is not helpful.

olpally 32

Just because I suggest slapping this guy on FML doesn't mean OP is gonna actually do it. For all we know, this could have happened months ago. Chill. People need to learn to take some of these comments with a grain of salt.

Badkarma4u 17

I totally agree 139 1000%. There are plenty of men who would never hit a woman unless she assaulted him. Then a bad situation becomes really ugly. Once the situation turns violent typically the woman gets hurt and she has no recourse with the police if she started the physical abuse. I think the reason people find it funny to say is maybe they have never seen a woman hurt this way. Domestic violence is not ok.

I think 123's point is proven further by the fact that she got up votes while 26 (a man ) got down votes for saying the same thing.

I agree with #26. You should never physically assault someone unless it's self-defense.

What a horrible person. Kick him in the balls that will teach him.

Badkarma4u 17

Do you think hes just going to let her assaukt him and thats it. Theres a good chance he'll end up beating the crap out of her, or worse calling the cops. I doubt the judge will appreciate whale noises as her defense.

all you people encouraging violence have got it all wrong. You have to scar him for life. I suggest watching the Malcolm in the middle episode that Lois gets revenge on those girls for pranking Reese for tips.

That's like saying "Oh that girl made fun of you? Go **** punt her or punch her in the boob!"

SamanthaaNicolee 18

That'll make him sound like a whale himself

You will find someone eventually. Unfortunately, people can be ******* assholes that are probably insecure themselves.

BamBAmGG 14

Someone who is a straight asshole and has the maturity of a child, shouldn't be in a relationship to begin with. OP dodged a bullet really.

People ******* suck. You didn't deserve that op least now you know he's a jerk and can avoid him

I was going to say that OP dodged a bullet not going out with him but this is more like a hail of machine gun fire she missed.

What a shame. I'm sure you two would've had a whale of a time.

You sir, are an asshole. I realize you're trying to be funny, but dick move mate.

You sir, are an asshole.I realize you're trying to be funny, but you're just like the dick who made the comment to the OP

That pun was kinda bitchy under the circumstances...

A07 48

It was perfectly executed, just bad luck #5

WHY IS THIS GETTING DOWN VOTED?!?!?! This entire app is for shitty puns. offensive or not.

I agree #172. People downvote everything. some guy said you should never physically assault someone, and people downvoted him.

whale he will have a hard time finding someone to love him if that is his attitude towards life. You are better off without him OP!

You just showed him you're a better person than he ever will be. Screw that guy.

corky1992 33

Sounds like you're better off. That's so rude though. It sucks being rejected, but even worse when they make fun of you. So sorry. Hang in there.

I was told that once. I proceeded to lose 80 pounds, while he joined the freshman 300. karma is a bitch.

He's compensating for something :) If ya know what I mean. Sorry he said this OP.