By Anonymous - 02/11/2015 19:25 - Germany - Herford

Today, my boyfriend had the choice of A) living alone gaming, or B) moving in with me, gaming in his own man-cave, lots of sex, and lots of pizza. He chose choice A. FML
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Either he's just generally stupid or there has to be more to this story... Must be a reason for why he chose what he did.

he knew sex was going to be a huge obstacle in his path towards saving the world and online greatness. our maybe he just doesn't share pizza.


Either he's just generally stupid or there has to be more to this story... Must be a reason for why he chose what he did.

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My guess is that she didn't explain moving in with her as "lots of sex and pizza."

My guess is that she shouldn't have had too.

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Or maybe he just values his alone time and doesn't want to spend 24/7 with another person.

@33 my guess is that although it's true, she didn't have to, but essentially you can't try to tell him he's dumb for missing out on things he didn't know he was gonna receive, buuut I do agree with #1, there has to be a reason why option A was better

Or maybe he is just not ready for this yet. Nobody is obligated to move in with someone just because they are dating for a certain time or anything.

zeeman2015 22

no good reason to turn down pizza and sex imo...

The sex would just get in the way of the gaming time.

Rent = less video games?

Can you blame him? If he's having sex he can't lvl up his lvl 45 warrior.

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For all we know, they just started dating and she is putting to much pressure on him to quickly. That would be a good enough reason to say no. Of course, as you said, he may just be stupid and missing out too.

Perhaps it's that she's trying to force him into something he's mot ready for yet.

#55 I totally agree with needing alone time in a relationship, but she offered him his own man-cave. That showed she wasn't looking for a super clingy together 24/7 situation.

I was your 420th like ayyyy lmao

I'm a gamers wife...he loves the games more and doesn't want her guilting him on game night

She didn't say she actually offered any of those things. It is implied but she may have assumed those things were implied

#150 It's still a hude commitment to move in together with your partner and if he is not ready or simply doesn't want that it's better he says no and there is 0 reasons for him to say yes.

Did you explain the options like that when he was deciding? If so and he still chose to live alone there's probably another reason

Maybe the reason is he isn't ready to live with OP? That's a good enough reason.

Or maybe he's living alone, she already gives him all the sex he can handle, and he's got Papa Johns at the ready. As they say in Mallrats, why buy the cow when you're getting the sex for free?

I guess op could have assumed that he would realize what he's getting.. Just like most females expect males to know wtf they want or mean without saying that outloud, and then they lash out how much we dont care or dont understand..

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lucky guy. but missed out on the best choice in his life.

Not really. not everyone puts sex in the "most important thing in life" category. i have friends who are in their 40's and are happy as can be living alone and not having sex(a couple of them have never had sex and do not care about it either) all the time. Not everyone wants to live with someone, even if they are offered lots of sex and all the pizza they want.

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you must be really unpleasant to be around

Or it must have been some really shitty pizza

#38 There's no such thing as shitty pizza. When pizza is good, is really good, and when is bad, it is still pretty good.

#99 You've never had stadium concession pizza, then. It's like greasy cardboard.

You should see my schools pizza, the supervisors gave cardboard and paint and said "make that look like pizza." They did but they said nothing about taste

Still dont get why a school would serve pizza, but alright, let's move on. Or should I say... roll on?! lol

Why wouldn't a school serve pizza???

Jamie Oliver

Are you kidding? I've never seen a school NOT serve pizza! My elementary school had pizza, my middle school had pizza, my high school had pizza, and my university has pizza. Maybe it depends where you live, but around here pizza is pretty much a staple food in any cafeteria.

Wow, im Europe, Lithuania none of our elementary or high schools dont offer pizza.. its considered unhealthy too feed our kids with it here.

#216 my point, exactly! Thanks!

#99 I disagree. The Little Ceasers in my town, has the worst pizza I have ever had. I would be better off taking a cardboard box and slapping on some tomato sauce and cheese on it and baking it for 15 minutes than eating pizza from that Little Ceasers.

he knew sex was going to be a huge obstacle in his path towards saving the world and online greatness. our maybe he just doesn't share pizza.

ikr when I'm playing COD zombies I am not just playing a game. I'm saving the world one zombie at a time... so you all are welcome

Men, you'll never understand them.

Same for women.

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Is he gay?

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He's not obligated to move in with OP.

Make sure you emphasize the right points, like the lots of pizza

Wise man. He didn't fall for the bait.

I volunteer as tribute!