By Nick - United States
Today, I arrived at my parents house for dinner. When I got there, I noticed that they had gay pride flags hanging from the porch, and gay rights bumper stickers plastered to their cars. There was also a huge "We accept you, Nick" banner hanging from the garage. I'M NOT GAY! FML
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By  Agent00mo  |  0

This Is Awesome. I Truly Think This Happened To This Kid. His Screename Is Nick So I Find This Believable. It's Funny For Sure. I'm Gay, Wanna Trade Parents?

  Rial13_fml  |  0

You don't see it? His parents think he's gay and pretty much broadcast that out to anyone within eyeshot of their house. But he's not gay. And now anyone of the neighbors who know him will quite possibly think he's gay. But he's not. If you still don't get it, picture yourself in his position. Unless you actually ARE gay, then this won't work.

  wolfsheart  |  14

There's nothing wrong with being gay. I'm gay and That sounds like something I would do for one of my friends. This guy should just learn to laugh at himself. Even if he's not gay, it makes a great story for later. :)