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Today, I came out to my therapist as gay. Claiming that my parents "can't be that homophobic", my therapist outed me to them. They kicked me out of the house. FML
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Because they broke confidentiality, you need to report them to your local licensing board and file a formal complaint.

Out them as unprofessional to whatever organization accredited them.


Because they broke confidentiality, you need to report them to your local licensing board and file a formal complaint.

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Oh boy. Here come the down votes now that you brought in facts.

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I believe even when you're under 18, and you ask for confidentiality, they cannot tell anyone what you've shared unless it harms someone else, or yourself. as far as I know, claiming you're gay doesn't harm anyone, so no. if OP asked his therapist to keep it secret, the therapist was obligated not to share. I suggest OP sues the stupid therapist.

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moreover, if the opportunity is under 18 parents cabt kick them out

Actually, this isn't necessarily true. It depends on the laws in each specific state. It also depends on whether or not the child was listed as the client on the intake paperwork or the parents. I concur that this should be reported to the licensing board and a formal complaint needs to be filed. In addition, this has a potential malpractice lawsuit attached to it.

You should SUE that therapist for ruining your life. I'd be willing to bet that a malpractice lawyer would even do it on pro bono

Out them as unprofessional to whatever organization accredited them.

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seriously if you didn't vertically consent i would sue they have malpractice insurance.

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What if he consented horizontally?

He could've consented diagonally, i did that once.

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I don't think horizontal consent counts sadly.

doodlesmcnoodles 18

I don't think horizontal consent counts sadly.

Why does this have so many downvotes? Do people have no sense of humor or are they just dumb?

Getting horizontal with your therapist is also frowned upon by licensing boards

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The fact that they evicted him because he was gay is still highly catastrophic in itself. It's not guaranteed he has another place to stay so he could be homeless which can be a life threatening situation. If he dies because of that, that is murder. Not only that his therapist should never have broken confidentiality. What an insensitive comment.

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he's a heckler. all his comments are like that haha

Catlover, darling... Understand sarcasm please.

There's these things we have nowadays, I'm not sure if you're aware. They're called jokes. Basically, they're absurd statements that aren't meant to be taken at face value. Perhaps you should Google it if you require more information. While you're at it, maybe also search for ways to remove that stick from your anus.

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how would you like it if I said "all straight people should kill themselves" and labeled it as a joke you wouldn't take that would you?

"confidentiality"- you can sue the therapist and have enough for a downpayment on your fancy new house without any homophobes. That therapist knew what was going to happen and just ****** up your life for *****.

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He will get more than a down payment!

report the therapist. they should not be practicing.

Yep, like others have said, pretty sure he broke doctor/patient confidentiality rules. However, if you're a minor, I'm not sure how that works where parents/guardians are concerned. Regardless, I have to assume you're at least an adult if they kicked you out, because a teen can't be kicked out with nowhere else to go, right?

A) Doctor/patient confidentiality is still in place for minors unless the doctor thinks you are a threat to yourself or others. B) parents kick out minor children for this and similar all the time. Legal? Doubt it. Happens? Definitely.

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A lot of gay and trans teens end up homeless, second only to single-parent families in rates of homelessness. I’ve heard of kids as young as 12 being kicked out for things like “being gay” to “tempting mom’s boyfriend”

“Tempting moms boyfriend”? What the actual ****? This comment is off topic, yes, but shouldn’t the boyfriend be the issue here (since he’s apparently a pedophile who likes little girls) and not the child? Mothers these days, my god.

It's always the other woman's and not the cheater's fault.

Happened to my friend when I was 12 and she was 13. She had to go to the city to a special shelter for youths. Because it was HER fault her mom's new boyfriend tried to molest her /s. Some shitty moms in this world.

Please tell me that asshole won't get away with what he did. Report him soon before he does this to somebody else.

I'm not one to call to sue on everything but this NEEDS to be taken to court and this guy needs to be prevented from working any more before he causes more harm to more people.