By capcha - United States
Today, I was holding a yard sale. A man came up to me and asked if he could buy a pair of red and white sneakers that I'd found in my attic and had never worn. Five bucks later, he was walking away with what I now realize was the pair of shoes signed by Michael Jordan given to me by my uncle. FML
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  zargon  |  1

A certificate of authenticity? Really? Those are pretty much worthless. After all, who's to say the certificate is authentic?

No, all that's really necessary is that someone can recognize the signature, which is much easier.

  HiJynX23  |  3

The only way to ensure you have an authentic Michael Jordan autograph is if it has a holographic Upper Deck sticker (I think its an UD sticker) with it. It hasn't always been this way so some without it may still be real. He has a contract with Upper Deck and thats why the sticker has to be there and also why he can't/won't sign autographs for people because it has to have that sticker and I don't think he carries them around with him.

  humorizer  |  14

That's probably because that movie was based on Michael Jordan's childhood and how he found some shoes for really cheap and became a good basketball player. Or something like that. The OP is sad that he won't be able to become good at the basketballs.