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Today, I took a pregnancy test. I was disappointed it was negative, as my fiancé and I have been together for four years and have a strong relationship. He danced with happiness when he discovered the test was negative and tried to high-five me. FML
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BeforeItWasCool 12

Wow this seems to have been misinterpreted! It was unplanned, I was entirely surprised by it. We hadn't planned on kids- if it had been positive it would have been an accident. I was just quite happy to have such a nice surprise even if it did turn out to be negative. I was quite disappointed it was negative, not because I've been secretly trying to get pregnant, but because I was pleasantly surprised. It just seems my fiancé was a little too enthusiastic about the negative result.

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perdix 29

If he's your fiancé for four years, that means he's still not ready to commit. A baby would probably force him to marry you, something he's been avoiding for years.

cradle6 13

^Nailed it. From the wording of the FML, it seems like OP wants to get pregnant without her fiancee's consent. And if that's true, what the hell is wrong with you OP?! Just because you have a "strong relationship" doesn't mean he wants kids. Furthermore, if he doesn't want kids and you do, do NOT get married to him. Those irreconcilable differences.


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cradle6 13

^Nailed it. From the wording of the FML, it seems like OP wants to get pregnant without her fiancee's consent. And if that's true, what the hell is wrong with you OP?! Just because you have a "strong relationship" doesn't mean he wants kids. Furthermore, if he doesn't want kids and you do, do NOT get married to him. Those irreconcilable differences.

Sounds like she is the type of girl to poke holes in condoms to try and trap a guy or "Don't worry i'm on birth control".

1- Exactly! My BF and I have been together 8 years and we are still talking over the whole 'kid thing'. I want one, he's not ready. So, I'll wait... We still have time. OP- Trying to get pregnant against his will, will ultimately ruin trust. Then BAM! You're a single mother. No trust; no relationship.

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LittleGreenPaola 23

You're right, but it's not so simple. She probably had not planned to get pregnant. Maybe when she realized her period was late, and took the test, she started to think about the idea of having a baby with the man she's been with for the last four years. It may happen, we're not machines.

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67 - If your partner wants kids and you don't, why would you agree to it? That's just stupid.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Nah I wasn't planning on getting pregnant, I was just pleasantly surprised when I thought I was. In truth if it were positive it would've been a complete mistake. I was just kinda disappointed it was negative once I'd gotten the idea I might be having a kid it was just a nice thought. I mean, for a day I was under the impression I might be pregnant and was quite excited by it, unplanned or not. We've discussed it since and both agree we're going to wait a while until we're both ready. In all honesty we're not quite there yet!

Well, THAT puts a spin on the story. Yeah, you definitely made it sound like you were either not on the same page, or even lying to your man. And 67, the HELL you talkin 'bout? You make absolutely no sense by contradicting yourself.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Yeah, I'm sorry about that, I worded it terribly! Makes me sound like one of those crazies who pokes holes in condoms and the likes.

fthku 13

#67, what the **** were you even trying to say? All I got from your comment is that there's a mysterious third person in a relationship that disagrees with happy couples.

67, if someone SAYS they want to have a kid but they don't, that's their problem. Seriously, that's just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If you can't openly discuss important life decisions like having kids then you shouldn't be in that relationship

59 Be that as it may, it does take two to Tango. Now what we don't know is if any form of protection or birth control was or was not used, but if he went for it without a helmet or her being on birth control then it can't be just OP's fault. Now if she was trying to be sneaky and skipped a dose or took the seeing needle to the condom then yeah she's to blame, if not it goes back to the point 25 was making. So when it comes to absentee fathers, we really have to look at the full circumstance. I've known guys begging their wives, fiancées, what have you to get pregnant but still leave. In fact my ex tried that on me and when I objected he left to knock up some other chick who was dumb enough to believe him, then 3 months after the baby was born skipped the state and started working under the table. Point is, there are many different situations when it comes to absent fathers, but everyone knows what makes babies.

Not 25, 64... And sewing needle..... I need sleep..

129, I was not saying that all absentee father's have the right to abandon their kids. I was specifically referring to the men who only became a father because of the women intentionally getting pregnant without the fathers knowledge. (like skipping north control or lying about it or poking holes in the condom)

#34 - Same thing I thought, she's trying to trap him. Who the hell.tries to get pregnant without talking about it first.

To 48 and 59 (let's kill two birds with one stone here...) : I don't understand why people try to have kids before they're even married... what sense does that make? And, seriosly? Alot of the time the woman snuck around to get pregnant on purpose? How the **** does that even happen? Show me the statistics on that, Asshole. But, yeah OP, talk to your man first. Seriously! What's wrong with people???

perdix 29

If he's your fiancé for four years, that means he's still not ready to commit. A baby would probably force him to marry you, something he's been avoiding for years.

He's her fiancé and they've been together for four years, not engaged for four years.

I'm sure they didn't get engaged as soon as they met. *Derp* OP just said together for four years, not engaged for four years.

perdix 29

I understand that they haven't been engaged for the whole four years, but I can guess that they didn't get engaged last week. If he's so happy she's not pregnant, I'm guessing that they haven't discussed this issue with any seriousness.

My parents were together 5 years before they got married and they have one of the best relationships I have ever seen. Marriage is a big step and taking it fast is the worst thing you can do. I commend the couple for taking things at a slower rate to make sure it was a relationship worth staying in for the rest of their lives.

He can be mature enough and ready for the commitment to get married. He just may not want a baby right away. Just because he is happy that his fiancé isn't pregnant doesn't mean he is immature.

sstaskie 3

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Not if they talked about it before and both want a baby before they get married. But it seems like they didn't even do that.

gmc_blossom 21

3- That rarely happens nowadays, sadly.

74 - I'm not sure it's sad. A loving couple shouldn't be forbidden from having children because society doesn't approve of their marital status.

How is that sad? Marriage just means other people (courts) get a say in a couple's finances if they break up. Doesn't really affect raising a child at all.

Autoshot 9

I agree #3. A couple should be completely committed to each other by marriage before bringing life into this world.

sstaskie 3

74- I wouldn't say rarely but it's becoming less common that's for sure

96 - You make it sound like married couples don't separate. A couple can be married and be not even remotely committed to one another.

sstaskie 3

Zomg- where there are a lot of couples who separate, there are many many more who stay together because marriage is supposed to be a life long commitment

Mr. nctnyan needs to take lessons from 3 on how to express a conservative opinion in a professional manner.

Autoshot 9

105 unfortunately you are right. But that's not how it should be.

Justy101 23

117 - Actually that is false. A married couples chances of surviving a life time are about 50/50. That's a statistically proven fact btw, not just some bullshit I made up.

I agree, marriage before babies. if they aren't committed to each other to have a marriage then why would they be committed to have a baby? and the 50/50 rate at marriage, take into the fact that couples who have children before or get married quickly. those kinds of couples are at an even higher risk for divorce then ones who took a while and had children after a few years of marriage. plus some religions forbid divorce. my husband and I don't believe in divorce, if u commit for life then you better damn well hold to that promise. if any shit happens you should be able to talk to out whether its infidelity, financial struggles, or family problems (too many kids, difficulty getting pregnant, spouse not wanting children, etc.)

And you know most statistics are just made up

That's not "old school". More like old-fashioned.

138 - It might be because not everyone wants to get married. Also, sometimes there are irreconcilable differences; some show straight away, others only when you're under pressure. Stubborn pride has never done anyone any good.

You don't have to be married to show commitment to each other or to be ready to have a child, my uncle has been with his fiancé for 21 years and has had 2 children.

Do not bring religion into this you monster.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this unforgettable quote by William Wallace (portrayed by Mel Gibson).

Maybe I'm wrong and missed the whole "birds and the bees" speech, but I was under the impression that it took two to make a baby.

She never said that she was trying to get pregnant.

But she was disappointed that it was negative

BeforeItWasCool 12

26 is right. We weren't trying, it was a complete surprise. I was just quite excited by the mistake. It's quite lucky it was negative really, we're not ready yet! But still it would have been a nice mistake.

bieberfied 4

OP, from the reply you just gave, please tell me how is this an FML?

I think you guys need to talk and understand what each other wants.

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c8750 2

Damn #9, that's a little strong don't you think

This might possibly be the most judgmental comment I've ever seen, and that includes my own. You, sir, are an asshole.

thelinlinx3 10

No use replying. This is most likely going to get moderated. Also, brace yourselves, a flame war is upon us.

Yes, because having sex with your partner makes you a *****. I must have missed that lesson. Thank you for informing me.

DocBastard calling someone else judgemental? Hahaha that's great.

Yes, Tuna. Yes I did. What I say is mild compared to this jackass. But that's just my humble opinion.

foxholeathiest 4

Probably best if you aren't pregnant. As a married man of 5 years with no kids. It's important to be in the same page for this otherwise he could resent you and push you away

I agree with you. My husband and I were together six years before we got married and had a baby two years after that. I'm glad we waited for both.

My ex did the same thing. I see where the other commenters are coming from but it's always horrible to get such a massive reaction if a part of you was secretly hoping for positive. Take this opportunity to sit down and talk to him about the direction you want your life to go in :)

ideasrule 13

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Ohmigod chill out! So according to you, any unplanned pregnancy that wasn't especially good news to begin with between an unmarried couple is bordering on child abuse? There is nothing to suggest OP was TRYING to get pregnant without her mans consent, just that she had to take a test. Sometimes it isn't until a pregnancy scare that you realise that actually, you'd be okay with being pregnant. It seems to me that OP is just disappointed that her partner didn't feel quite the same way, hence my comment about needing to sit down and talk to him. So stfu.

So if someone doesn't want children it's ok, but when someone does, it's highly immortal? Get a break. I'll agree that it's a (in my opinion, unforgivable) bitchmove if a woman stops taking birth control without her partner's knowledge. And on the same line, agreeing that your partner stops taking birth control, while desperately hoping she won't get pregnant, is a bitchmove either. Kids are a serious matter, so act serious about it, even if it will lead to a break-up.

bRower 3

47: since when is being excited about possibly having a child being conceited?