By thehunterofprey - 22/06/2018 19:00

Today, I came out to my parents as gay and they reacted better than I expected. Then I found my car destroyed with a note that said "fag" on what used to be my hood. I never thought I'd have to sue my own family, but I'm lucky I have security footage. FML
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Not just car damage, but isn't that technically a hate crime?

Wow. That’s some awful family you’ve got there.


Wow. That’s some awful family you’ve got there.

Sorry to hear that. Well hopefully as you drive your new car away into the sunset their actions won't continue to hurt.

Not just car damage, but isn't that technically a hate crime?

That’s reacting better than expected?

At least you have the footage. You should also press charges against your family. That should be considered a hate crime. I also hope you find a safe place to stay, as it's probably not safe to be around them ever again.

I’m sorry you had to go through something that horrible OP. Just because they are your parents, unfortunately it doesn’t mean they will be wise and understanding, though they should be. My advice would be to sue them for the damages for the car, emotional damage, charge them with a hate crime, and cut all ties with them. It can be heart wrenching, but the world is moving forward, and it doesn’t have room for toxic people. Neither do you

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What in the ever loving fuck? Your own parents destroyed your car?

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so you're the one who's wife posted their husbands put it in the wrong hole?

Based on context I am assuming: (1) OP knows and has proof it was his parent(s) who destroyed his car (one or both). (2) OP does not live with his parents. OP, If it was me and you have collision or comprehensive coverage on your car, contact your auto insurance company with a claim and contact the police with your story and evidence. That will get your car fixed quickly though you may have to pay the deductible. Going to court will not be quick with a lawsuit and the legal fees are likely to be more than your copay on auto insurance. And now you know your parent(s) really feel. Assuming you have a job and are not living with them, cut the ties and do not look back. It’s a terrible thing to discover that your parent(s) are raving lunatics and having to sever all ties with them. It’s worse to keep in contact with them after something like this. And, by the way it’s only going to get worse when either you sue them or the police contact them with your complaint - So make sure you stay safe and your property is protected. If there is any possibility that your parents or someone in your extended family has a key to your apartment then change your locks immediately. You already know one or more of them is just plain nuts and potentially dangerous.

dude lay off the adderall

That sucks but. SWEEEET on the surveillance footage