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Today, I found out why you shouldn't drop instant mashed potatoes in a fish tank, especially when you have expensive fish. FML
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Fish food is too mainstream. Instant mashed potatoes are the new thing.

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Because they are too stuck up to eat anything other than real potatoes? D:

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Jello would look more colorful and fun.

Why? Cause they eat them? Die? Make you angry that you didn't get your potatoes?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Maybe not, but OP has invented an entirely new recipe. It's the poor man's quick & fancy version of foie gras.

Well, 96, not sure about poor man's, the fish are pretty expensive.. But yeah :D

Punchline you're a well nammed bastard !

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I would say that the fish died.. Most likely because of the unknown chemicals that are slowly eating away our insides. :/ that is my guess anyway

Haha, I wanna know HOW they managed how it fell in the fish tank. If it was on purpose then the OP probably wouldn't have made a fml..

I'll just assume he was drunk, because even when I'm baked I'm not that dumb. :p

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Idk, the only things that "fall" into my fishtanks are things that I put in them... I did find something out though, goldfish love popcorn.... Long story lol

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Because instant mashed potatoes expand. Its the same theory as rice and birds... End result exploded/over expanded stomaches.

why is always what I ask myself when my sister or mom drops something in the fish tank. they have managed to drop dvd's, batteries, dust and alot more in our fish tank. I wonder how they are still alive. I can only assume that OP is just as clumsy as they are.

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and that is how mine died... idiot...

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OP probably mistakened the instant mashed potatoes for fish food and accidentally poured them into the tank :p and its called instant for a reason. Add water and stir and you've got mashed potatoes.. The fish cant breathe in a tank of mashed potatoes.

I love how simple this comment is. Only one thing to ask here. Great comment.

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The word instant didn't mean anything to you?

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You don't understand one does not simply accidentally drop instant mashed potatoes in a fish tank.

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I know. Especially since they all have lids and you have to intentionally do it. Sounds like OP was too. Cheap to buy fish flake food and tried those dehydrated potato flakes instead. I bet the potato flakes swelled up in their stomachs and killed them all.

I'm quite certain that the potato flakes would absorb their full capacity in water too fast to be eaten beforehand, and the deaths were the result of polluted water rather than gastric problems. That was my first thought too, but sprinkle a little handful of potato flakes into a bowl of water and you'll see they get waterlogged nearly instantly.

ydi...for having bought expens1ve fish and for wasting good mashed taters

You deserve a thumbs down for spelling expensive wrong!

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instant mashed potatoes are NOT good mashed potatoes.

You deserve a thumbs down for punching babies!!!

they are if its all one can afford and considering OP bought expensive fish i can only assume that they waste their money on weird things and compensate for such a monetary setback by only eating po folks food. i still like instant mashed potatoes though

ShroomsOnAcid 16

But a bag of real potatoes is usually cheaper than a box of instant ones, pound for pound. A lot of people buy cheaper food but end up eating more of it because it leaves you hungry. If you buy real food and just eat less (only as much as your body actually needs) it can come out to pretty much the same cost.

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Shrooms is right. However, oddly enough, we have a really good bread recipe that uses instant potato flakes. So I always have them for the bread!

thats true for the long run but some people (like me) can only afford the instant stuff when money is tight and due to laziness and/or exhaustion from working all day some people would rather have something quick and easy to make instead of firing up the oven and actually cooking them. still better than eating fast food everyday imo

Sooooo, ya, am I the only one still wondering why 6 would go out of the way to put a one in place of the "i"?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

59, I've been in that situation before so I understand, but with a little bit of planning it's quite possible to make it work. Real potatoes can still be cheaper instantly, depending on where you live. I'm not trying to argue, by the way, I'm just pointing some things out. Everyone makes their own choices depending on the circumstances.

yes you are and its cuz when youre half asleep a 1 can look like an i even on a "smart" phone

^that was meant for 73. guess i wasnt quick enough

What does your keyboard look like? Because anybody who actually uses a keyboard should know that one is NOWHERE near "i".

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59, a 5 pound bag of potatoes can be as cheap as $1. An onion costs about $0.40. Even with milk, u can make a shit load of mashed potatoes for under a buck.

76 just thought it was cool to use a one and got proven wrong, now he's feigning innocence. Hi-lurious.

New instantly exploding dynamite!!! No more will you be waiting for the explosion to reach it's maximum size! With it's insta-splode technology, demolition is a blast!!! I'm guessing that's how your fishes met their fate.

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How.. How would one possibly accidentally drop mashed potatoes in a fish tank?

Imagine grocery shopping then on your eating going home with only instant mashed potatoes in your hand u trip on a rice grain the splash goes the potatoes in the fish tank. -Sorry over active imagination :D

I don't know but it's better than trying to figure out why it would be done on purpose.

Most NEW tanks have hoods. If you get a second-hand tank (which most people do since the kits are such a rip-off) it's about 50/50 whether or not there'll be a hood. My 30g, 25g, 10g, and most of my 5g tanks didn't come with hoods and have been open-top the entire time I've had them. In fact, only 2 of my tanks have ever had hoods. But even with this momentous lack of overhead protection, the only time I've accidentally dropped something into the tank was the time I knocked the bag of algae wafers off the shelf and could only get about 1/2 of them back out. Fish ate pretty well that day. And the next. And for about three more days after that. Had some water quality issues for a few days but after it was all eaten everything leveled out. Certainly nothing from the kitchen never made it into my tanks. I'm going with 'it was on purpose' and 'YDI'.

Most fish tanks have lids correct? I don't see how it ws accidental. Oh well ydi

Shouldn't have spent all your money on the fish. Then perhaps you would have been able to buy them actual fish food. ;)

Why on earth would you put instant potatoes into a fish tank? Do you hate the fish? Were you high? Yes to both I'm thinking. Big YDI there my friend.

EPIC TALE TIME! Our intrepid Original Poster was walking from their pantry to their kitchen with their half-eaten packet of Smash, passing their glorious fish tank. But! Someone left a roller skate in their pathway. They trod on the skate and executed a sublime pratfall, the packet of Smash flying from their hands and landing in the tank with a splash. Poomf! Instant mashed potato and many scared fish.