By imbx - United States
Today, I was at a pool party. My friend's little sister pushed me in the pool. When I got out, I pushed her in. She started screaming, and I started laughing because I thought she was pissed that I pushed her in. That wasn't why she was screaming. She can't swim. Her whole family witnessed it. FML
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  Bobby64  |  29

She might not be very young. She's a "little sister," but that just means she's younger than another sibling. We could be talking about a 20 year old. (Or a 60 year old, but I doubt it. ^_^')

  22cute  |  17

She deserved it Op. And if her family is going to let her "throw stones" from her "glass house" they needed the wake up call about consequences.

  kurato  |  6

does quite work because she started.
"today, I push my sister friend down the pool as a joke, she push me back down. I cant swim. FML"
Dyi fisher
"today, I accidentally push my sister friend down the pool, as I try to help her up, she push me down for revenge. I cant swim. FML"
that a maybe for Fyl. but OP didnt mention anything about helping getting up so...

  popoman  |  0

This. The little bitch deserved to be pushed in. You shouldn't feel ANY remorse or guilt. It's her fault.

FYL in that little bitches can get away with this type of shit, and it makes you look like an asshole. But it's not your fault. You should have helped her out and then pushed her back in again...and then say "Maybe you shouldn't push other people into the pool if you don't like it yourself...bitch."

  Neorecon19  |  18

Funny how everyone expects to get off scot-free for choices like pushing someone into a pool and not have something similar happen to them as payback. Plus, it's almost like she expected OP to know she could swim. What a supid, stupid ignorant little brat.

  JustKittyKat  |  24

We have a rule in my group of friends and family that, if you don't want to be thrown in yourself, do not push someone in.
Actually, that's how I learned to swim. I took a chance, pushed in this large guy and got thrown in soon after.

  Link5794  |  18

The only people who should push are those who are prepared to be pushed.

By  AK  |  2

You definitely didn't deserve that. If she pushes someone, she should expect to be pushed back.

By  tipple  |  0

This is 50/50.

She thought it was funny to push you in - so she really shouldn't play games like that if she's not happy having it done to her.

However, depending on how much bigger you are compared to her, you probably should have *pretended* to get mad at her, chased her around a little (going slow enough not to catch her immediately), and then picked her up and pretended to be a monster eating her.

Lots of little kids do things to try and start a game. Although pushing someone in a pool is a bit extreme.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

You're assuming this kid is around 3-6 years old. Any older and your "game" would just be weird and annoying. And I'm assuming that a 3-6 year old would not be able to push someone bigger and older into a pool unless that person let them, which OP clearly did not. I'm guessing the kid is probably closer to 10-12 (or older?) in which case she should have known better.