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Today, a kid was ranting that "people these days are so rude" and that "things were much better in the '50s." Annoyed, I asked the delusional twat what was so great about the racial segregation, rampant sexism, homophobia, and all the rest back then. He responded by punching me. FML
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He was just an immature child who couldn't admit he was wrong. All the same, argument won.

Varieus 30

It was much much worst back then, than it is now. The stuff today is 100x better in comparison.


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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

12--ya she used them correctly. and yet again, idk why you're getting thumbed down 1. that is a true statement. people are just as harsh now as they were back then.

Varieus 30

It was much much worst back then, than it is now. The stuff today is 100x better in comparison.

SilverInGray 25

34 - then you'd be wrong. People are much more open minded then they were in the recent past.

Zimmington 21

21- I agree that things are much better and more people are accepting these days. but back then at least people were open about their prejudices. You never know who secretly hates you for something out of your control now until the knife is in your back.

I would say FYL but it's obvious he was correct here. Also, if you didn't fight back, you lost pretty badly...

37, 43- It depends solely on the people around you and how you yourself view the "open-mindness". Trust me, where I live, it's all shit. Just shit.

First of all, its not as much as it used to be... But more importantly, it used to be on the systematic on the Government level as it was all planned and endorsed by the Government... But now, its mostly on a personal level which isn't as bad as it was before.

mimiminx 23

Well I can't remember back to the 50s as I was merely a twinkle in my unborn fathers eye. How can I have an opinion on something I don't know about?

graceinsheepwear 33

92, not having an opinion on something you don't know anything about might be a big clue to just not comment.

Surely not having an opinion on something you know nothing about is a smart move, and a good reminder to exercise pragmatism.

K410 18

Lol it can't be as bad as Toronto XD

"back then" people generally had a trial, the us government can lock you up for eleven years with no trial nowadays just because your not a Christian!

120- Dude, what are you talking about? If you don't get a jury trial in the US, it's either because you voluntarily waived your right, or you committed an act of terror. And still, not all terrorists are denied a jury trial, like Dzhokhar Tsaernaev.

there are still people in guantanamo bay who haven't even been charged yet, just a bit scarey that anyone can just be taken out of the system like that.

Zimmington 21

120- Just so you know there were Christians in GTMO under the same conditions as everyone else. Read a little before you spout bullshit.

Varieus 30

#43 I agree with what you said, but at least in this time and age we don't take people from their homeland by force to just be slaves to work themselves to death or just get whipped for not doing something right/dehydrated or just trying to get away from that place of slavery.

He was just an immature child who couldn't admit he was wrong. All the same, argument won.

Smoldering 15

Why does everyone beat me to the number 1 and 2 spot? There where no comments when I started typing. What is this witch craft?

hopsinlove17 26
1PersonIsMyWorld 22

In all fairness he was only half wrong because people today are very rude

Smoldering 15

This all makes sense to me now....... I am a snail trapped inside a lion-cat's body

tjv3 10

Oh yeah it was Sooo bad back then... We were the best at Everything then. How many school shootings did we have ? What was the unemployment rate? Crime rates? Was the news constantly reporting about rapes, murders, etc? Yeah it's Sooo much better now.

Well there were 20 reported school shootings in the US in the 1950's, and the first (US) school shooting took place in 1764, and have been pretty continuous since then up to now. It was easy to get a job- if you were a white, straight, well off male. Otherwise, you were far more screwed than you are in today's economy. The justice system was corrupt, even if you think it is corrupt today it was far worse then. Things such as being gay were treated as a crime up until extremely recently. Once again, it was generally ok if you were a straight, white male, but if you were anything else, then tough luck. The reason the news constantly reports on rapes and murders is because a) the media is much larger now, you have billions of tv (and news) channels, radios, newspapers, and the internet, which has made a huge impact. There is more space for all types of stories. B) More people are convicted of crime, where as a lot of the time in the 50's it was easier to get away with it, C) It is much less taboo to be able to talk about murder and rape and D) there are more people in the world... so of course the crime is gonna go up. Not to mention, the healthcare was nowhere near as good as it is today, not to mention how people in institutes (hospitals, orphanages etc) were treated. So actually, yeah, it is so much better now. It's not perfect, but compared to the 50's? We have it ok.

(US) wasn't even a country until 1776. So how could the the first (US) school shooting happen in 1764?

"The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac's Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764, where four Lenape American Indians entered the schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and killed schoolmaster Enoch Brown, and killed nine or ten children (reports vary). Only three children survived." From Wikipedia. Sorry, should have been more clear, the first North American shooting.

Finally! Someone willing to back up their opinion! Everyone loves to state them, very few can actually put together an intelligent argument to back it up...

Smoldering 15
Damian95 16

Ya know, we can complain all we want about the past generation, but aren't they the ones who handed us everything we have? Sure they weren't as "open minded", but they had actual values. They built and created and sparked ideas for everything we know. So before we criticize them, lets remember in their world they didn't have to be scared to get shot just from stepping outside or getting in a car or plane. They lived in a safer world with less crazies and murderers. In any case but rape, abortion was frowned upon and people knew what they stood for. Because they had values. Some were wrong, but at least they had them. And freedom didn't come free. Remember that.

Smoldering 15

I fully agree with you, every decade has it's ups and downs. None of us are perfect.

Damian95 16

I'm sorry about the novel but this FML set me off. Hard work was the main mindset people used to have and things were simpler. Everythings changed :/

58, you think it's changed for the worse? Personally, I'm happy to live in a time where racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are no longer ingrained in the government and workplace. No, it's nowhere near perfect, but compared to how things were, I'll take today's values any day of the week.

Thank You #56. It's good to see that there are still some sensible and smart people around, despite common sense no longer being common in today's society. I was beginning to lose faith in humanity after reading some of the other comments above. The amount of ignorant fools around really is astounding.

Starcatch77 20

Um, 56, if you were black or homosexual you did have to be afraid of being killed in certain places.

hannahsnyder69 16

The people who complain about society usually don't do anything to improve it. Especially when they do it on the internet.

60, I beg to differ. I know a lot of people, including myself, that complain about society but are not hypocrites and actually think about their fellow human being and show some respect.

deepunder 17

Ignore the poor soul who has to use violence in order to win an argument in his eyes.

"Right by Might"; the last form of defense of one's own ignorance. :p

I've never truly meant to physically harm anyone. Only mentally anguish my foes. xD

gavagoul 10

Punch the little sucker back.

missalice0306 19

Maybe he's a white homophobic boy?

Huper_ 9

No, it's Republican. xd Yes, thumb me down.

What does race have to do with it at all, is the point.

Yeah, I would hate how easy it was to get a job, house, car. Man it's not like it is now, no racism, sexism or homophobia now, right? We've got it so great :)

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Pretty sure it says racial segregation, not racism in general. That and RAMPANT sexism and homophobia. Learn to read, bro.

If you don't think rampant sexism isn't still around, then I have some bad news for you. "Bro." Plus, I don't see how any type of racism or racial acts are in any way better or worse than the other.

Yeah I get that, but just because the media or those in the spotlight are like that now doesn't mean everyone is. There is still a lot of hate for those with alternate life styles and those of different race. It's really stupid, and I absolutely hate how we can't just suck it up and get along. I really liked The Egg philosophy, I don't believe it to be true, but it blew my mind. I'm getting off the track here, what I'm try to say is, no it wasn't perfect then, and it's not perfect now. Things have gotten a lot worse, but things have gotten a lot better, berating someone fantasy of how they think life use to be, just because you feel like it is just as stupid. I dream of the 1800s, I love them, I know life sucked for a lot of reasons back then, but why should anyone make me dislike something for the way I like to see it. Fantasy is fantasy, and being a dick and destroying that we still see is magical, is what makes us grow old.

NagainaFier 16

26, I think you're missing the point. You say a ****/transphobic, racist, or sexist remark NOW, you will get some SERIOUS backlash (as you rightly should). Back in the fifties? The only people who gave a damn were the minority, and no one would help them. If you weren't a white male, you had NO say in anything. Hell, if a husband was beating his wife in the fifties, the cops response would be 'you should be a better wife to your husband then, huh?'. Anti-domestic violence groups, support, and laws didn't come around until like the 70's. And if you were LGBTQ*, or a minority (especially black), you were pretty much ******. So yeah :| *end rant* On a side note, that kid in the FML must have been spending too much time playing Fallout. I will admit, they had some bitchin' music, but I'll pass on the 50's otherwise.

Not really. It was an age of Gentleman. He'd get his ass kicked.

Wait.. **** right comment. **** technology! I want to go back to the 50's too!

summerguy97 16

I hate whenever people start complaining about this generation or these days and say that their generation or era was better.

Exactly!! I think it's just a tradition for every generation to complain about the generation that is younger than them.

I agree with you there but what I find interesting is that they said "kid". I'm wondering how old they are. If you look back at all eras I think everyone would like to have experienced one or two for some reason or another. I heard on the radio yesterday that Detroit have filed for bankruptcy, maybe he was referencing that city and something like the music scene? I know a lot of people who say they like to go back to an era because of the music. I could be wrong of course! :)