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lol I used to be a great archer able to shoot an arrow into a persons knee at 500 yards...and then I found out the painful way that I was not the only person who liked to shoot other people in the knees with arrows

  VaGino432  |  0

naw see people are misinterpreting my meaning.
I've been kicked directly against the bend of my knee in an intense ass sparring bout.
I was still able to drop a back hook kick across his dome and lay him out.
point is, pain is psychological.
besides, I didn't realize op was female until after I ran my keyboard.

  VaGino432  |  0

alright well I'm sorry you faggots live blindly in this world with as much self discipline as an impulsive 14 year old with ADHD.
nothing I've stated previously has been in accurate, harvest your mind and maybe do a little research before you doubt the capabilities of the human body.

  ceilingfans  |  1

118, op has two options with the tripping.
1) She sticks out her injured leg(ouch)
2) she sticks out her good leg, while standing on her bad leg(also ouch)
Unless, of course, you're suggesting OP has 3 legs.

  CareFace  |  16

That suggestion is correct. She has 3 legs. Like an octopus, just she is missing the tentacles and doesn't live in water, so... nothing like an octopus. More like a person with 3 legs, out to get her mum.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

I think people have to show on here they were making a joke, because apparently a lot of people don't understand humor, according to what I've seen on FML, and take it to seriously, it's sad really if you think about it.

  GLaDOSv1_09  |  19

The person with a swollen knee can't move quickly, and the person with functioning knees can. What part of that isn't an incongruity between expectations and reality?

Oh, right, all of it.

  ant1078  |  7 first I thought ur pic was of a dog skiing, but then I realized he was just cleaning up the dirt I swept off my shoulders....ZING??!