By DjeePee - Belgium
Today, my boyfriend decided to piss in the shower while I was standing next to him. I did not mind, until I realised the water flows away incredibly slowly. I had to stand in his piss while the shower filled itself with the sweet odor of fresh urine. FML
DjeePee tells us more :
A lot of things, I suppose. I don't mind whether he's pissing near me or not, as long as I don't have to watch his piss reaching my feet when it's too late to run away, it's alright.
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By  afunnyterdcody  |  5

Haha my gf is about to come over and I'm sure I'll do the same you know why? Cause it's funny haha

  starman02  |  12

It may cure some things, and no I won't google it I'll.. Take your word for it.. But the fact still remains.. She was standing in someone else's piss..


My husband does that to me all the time. It's not hurting anything since urine is sterile. And it's not like you can't just wash it right off. Damn, so many girls these days have a stick up their ass.

  desireev  |  17

51- Nobody is saying that you have to be okay with it. We're just saying that it's alot more common than you're thinking it is. And, literally, it's not as 'gross' or 'disgusting' as you're making it to be. It's sterile.
Yes, the thought of urine is slightly disturbing to someone who doesn't know much about it. (I know, that does sound weird!)
But, honestly, it's not that 'gross' at all!
I promise! :)

  coried91  |  28

Peeing in the shower is not immature. Yes it is gross but why would he step out of the shower just to piss? It gets the floor all wet. It drains away, well in OP's case it didn't, and you wash yourself in the shower anyway. Just about everyone does it. Get over it.

  Smashhoof  |  15

112- I wish I could thumb down your comment more. Urine is sterile while still warm. As soon as it has time to sit and cool down it gathers bacteria. It doesn't matter whose urine it is; it comes out sterile.