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Today, my boyfriend shared with me his anxiety about death, so I shared with him one of my ridiculously irrational fears. He thought I was making fun of him and now won't talk to me. FML
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BlackBlazeCobra 16


What was he expecting? For you to just pet his head and coo "It's okay, it's okay" again and again?

Maybe he expected that she talks to him about his anxiety revolving death?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I'm afraid of snails, elevators, and underground parking lots x_x Of course, there's more to the list :p

GoW_Chick 14

I'm afraid of going to eat the last cookie, and it not being there, OH THE HORROR!

chaoticxxxmess 3

Maybe she shouldn't have called it "ridiculously irrational".

I'm afraid of spiders. Nasty buggers have waay too many legs...

If he has anxiety and fears, he should know they are not a joke and shouldn't make fun of you. Tell him that you're sorry if he took it that way, but you are serious and don't want to make him feel bad...

Why does OP think death is an irrational fear its perfectly rational it could happen at any time in any way and when it happens who knows what if anything happens you go to hell or heaven or just rot in the ground. I know if I shared a deep fear of mine and someone says "I think spiders are icky" I'd be pissed too

You just made me never want to drink again!!!:/^^

GovernorGeneral 8

I ******* hate worms. They are ******* nasty. Nvm legs and spiders. WORMS DONT EVEN HAVE LEGS. ewwwwww Dx

I have a a pair of huge irrationals fear: clowns (and clown dolls) and china dolls. Those creep me to death! And sculps of goats!

shanemaximo 7

I irrationally fear fear itself! I am always afraid!! Ahhh!

The_Troller 14

74- Yeah, but worms stay outside. I was on my computer this morning and I saw something moving on my wall. Then all of the sudden I realized it was the shadow of a spider on my desk lamp. Not fun.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

What scares me is getting butt raped.. What scares me more is getting butt raped by a clown covered in spiders..

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

What scares me is getting butt raped.. What scares me more is getting butt raped by a clown covered in spiders.. Edit.. Agh double post... Thumb down

I can't decide whether to thumb you up because your combo is awesome or thumb you down for making fun of people's phobias... XD

I'm scared of spiders and snakes, mind you that doesn't mean I don't look at them when their on display I just hate spiders being around me, without being in some glass display box and as for snakes, I'm constantly having nightmares about them. Oh and I'm terrified of rodents because the first mouse I ever had went feral and bit all up my arm. I am also afraid of ordering anything or buying anything over a counter. -.-'

GovernorGeneral 8

96- picture this. You go to a friends house. A kilometer away. Its getting dark so you have to go home. Theres no ride so you have to walk. It was raining all day. And the worms have come out. And its dark now. You cant see a thing but you can feel them under your foot. You can see fat long worms and skinny ones glistening a little in the little light from street lights. Its still raining and its cold. The sidewalk is full of worms everywhere and you can barely see them to avoid stepping on them. I had to go through that. ._. i hate worms. They are disgusting. Worse than spiders. Ived worms long before that incident. Even so, im still traumatized ._.

desireev 17

I am deathly afraid of the dark. No. I'm not kidding. No I'm not afraid of the things that are in the dark. I am afraid of the dark. Whether it be outside, a room without a lightbulb in the fixture, or just the creepy darkness in the house during the night. I'm also terrified of my mothers laundry room. I've been scared of that since before I can even remember. Those are my 'completely irrational' fears. I know they are lame. But it's scary to me! Feel free to make jokes now. :)

GovernorGeneral 8

Ive hated worms long before that** sorry sorry.

Because everybody dies. it is as inevitable as our births.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Was wondering that... A fear of clowns would probably be high on the silly list. Something like that may have made him feel patronised.

10 that fear is actually very common, it just seems silly to you.

mikeeg 0

10- clowns scare the shit out of me!

I have a fear of vomiting. There are some very silly ones out there lol

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I have a friend who's afraid of eyeballs. I also have an ex who's afraid of squirrels. I'm not even kidding.


I'm afraid of midgets because at a haunted house one chased me...

Was it the upcoming zombie apocalypse? It is coming one day.

I have a highly irrational fear of dogs... I know it's pretty lame.

50- or a luNUTic ... Yes I changed the spelling

OP is probubly scared of that little unicorn that lives in her closet. Its real you know *whispers* real :0

Clowns are the creepiest things out there. Like what the ****?

RedPillSucks 31

Clowns and Santa Claus. "Come here little children. Just sit on my lap and tell me what you want. Here's some candy" Way to pedo for me!!!

xboxchick 1

I knew someone with a fear of birds

47 - yeah, one of my friends was absolutely terrified of squirrels.. Can't say it wasn't enjoyable at times though, especially in parks :D

I'll hold a ******* big-ass snake but won't get within 5 feet of most bugs... There's something wrong with me.

Moths.. I can hold a butterfly but moths scare the shit out of me..

I am afraid of clowns.. And it is not actually a silly thing.. It just seems that way to you.. Like aracnofobia (fear of spiders) which i also suffer from.. People think it is stupid but it is very common

I too fear clowns I don't know why but I am rendered totally immobile when I see one but on a related note it is "IT" is one of my favorite books

I freak out from tiny bugs, the smaller, the scarier! I had endless nights of waking up screaming from nightmares at one point when our dog had flees. Bed bugs are the worst! I'd have mosquitos any day over bed bugs!!! And I'm also afraid of people with shaved heads and weird tattoos all over them. And crazy people who talk about guns and rape.

#106 Omg! I'm afraid of moths too! My sister used to catch tonnes of them when I was little and then say she had something for me... then unleash them on my face. -.-

bamagrl410 31

I don't understand the whole fear of clowns thing... I never could grasp that. Can someone please explain that?

I've been scared of clowns since I was 5.. It's just something about them. Like the way they look, the creepy red smile... And the white face and crazy hair. I don't know, it just scares the shit out of me.

I'm scared of that evil monkey that lives in my closet

crackz12 10

Your all pussy bitches. Just because alot of people are scared of clowns doesnt make it any less silly.

Personally, I'm a bit unnerved by 129's picture.

Clowns are actually the scariest thing. I have an irrational fear that one waits for me with knife /:

clowns have exaggerated features that I find unnerving something about the constant red smile on an all white face especially when you know the person underneath is not a happy person at all (for some reason its only clowns with white facepaint that scare me) but that's just what I find scary about them

I'm scared of my own mind. (im serious) it's scary the things that are in there. Especially Derak. Other than that I'm not really afraid of anything. But I am paronoid.

desireev 17

This is so weird. I love snakes. I love spiders. I have a couple as pets in my house. I love them! But I am absolutely terrified of moths, the dark, and grasshoppers, and my moms laundry room.. After reading all of this, it makes me feel like a weirdo because I like certain things, but I'm terrified of weird things.. Hhhhmm.. Go figure..

desireev 17

132- I agree! After reading your comment, I had to look.. And looking at that picture sent chills up and down my back and my neck! Creepy!

A fear of something is never silly. The thing is, you may not actually even be afraid of the object you're 'scared' of. If you had a very terrifying experience as a young child, even as young as 6 months old, and per chance a clown, moth, snake, the dark, or something resembling your fear, is in the vicinity you will learn to fear that object as a grown adult. Even if you dont remember what scared you as a child (the terrifying experience may have been a loud clap or something silly enough to scare a child), but its enough to learn that the object you're currently afraid is bad, which you carry on throughout life. However, you may fear the object just because its genuinly scary to you. Just a small Psychology lesson on fears.

Your an idiot there's no such thing as a silly fear we can't control what we're afraid of like 144 said it can come from psychological trauma onset in infantile years I used to be afraid of clowns but I managed to overcome it but I will never overcome my fear if being alone

I used to be afraid of the dentist but since I'm getting bracers and I've been to the dentists surgery heaps I'm not scared any more :p now I'm only scared of clowns and heights

Ure even freaked out by Santa?!?! Clowns and Santa are such innocent things and clowns used to be so popular among children!! What's wrong with u ppl, where did the 'scary' image come from??

what's his deal? "the silent treatment" never solves anything. good relationships are built on communication...

mikeeg 0

Maybe you should go and tell him you weren't kidding so he doesn't think you're an ass.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Maybe her fear was the silent treatment. (:

If her fear was the silent treatment, why the hell would he give her one??

bizarre_ftw 21
DreBeezy 9
TheVirtuoso 5

So, I take it surprising him in his room wearing a grim reaper outfit would be out of the question?

stevenJB 25

That would be awesome if my girlfriend could pull off a sexy reaper!

Holy shit that would be sexy and creepy at the same time. I dunno if I could have a full boner. Maybe a semi.

Same thing has happened to me... with my boyfriends phobia of flying bugs

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Christians believe their good deeds send them to heaven. Terrorists believe their bad deeds send them to heaven. You be the judge on who is more insane.

Wow, I wish I could be "legitly" scared of death. :o Learn grammar darling. On that note, people who are content with their lives generally aren't afraid of death. Mind you, death and DYING are two totally different subjects. Also, necropheliacs. they would be ****** if they were afraid of death. See what I did there? (;

SilverInGray 25

I'm not scared of death at all.

I don't even know what death is. Beat that.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of dying.

stevenJB 25

Necrophiliac* I didn't bother checking where you were from so...

Buttsexpirate 9

Hey I'm afraid of curtains so I understand people having irrational fears. Give him some time and come back to it and hopefully he'll understand you weren't making fun of him.

xXxIracebethxXx 14