By FFFFF- - Singapore
Today, my girlfriend's best friend told me she was in hospital after having made a suicide attempt. In shock, I had a panic attack and ended up in the hospital myself. Turns out it was all a lie to see whether or not I was committed to the relationship. FML
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  TomasT  |  0

Dump her! It will never get better... she will develop more sinister methods of controlling you.

Leave now, or remember where you heard what will happen.


I agree with 4. Been there, done that. Get out NOW. At this point, the only reason to stay is cause you want to out-do her at her own game. If you're at her house, make sure you leave the lid up, even if you didn't pee. Every time you walk past the bathroom, put the lid up. It will drive her crazy.

Also, start bringing her on nice dates, but also bring your friends along. Make sure she chips in for the bill because women want to be treated as equals.

Start stealing her socks one at a time. Make sure you aren't caught.

you get the idea

  sharon_mic  |  2

haha.. you are funny and i feel sorry for your gf
i agree what she did was wrong but why not say it on her face and tell her you hate her, i hate these mind games

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

I wouldn't be surprised if that picture isn't even of her.

Anyway, can we get back to the FML? Not sure why you couldn't have PMed this chick about how she looks.

  MissBunny25  |  0

haha relax ladies.. clearly this chick (#2) is very comfortable with her slutty-er, I mean, uh.. appearance. and look at the lovely 12& 40 year old male's attention she's gained :) so.. don't even bother. clearly she isn't worth the 25 cents they advertise her for :)


I'm 18 is that ok? haha if it is a real pic then I concur with the other guys and say she's fucking hot! even tho I also agree 12 year olds should not be commenting on how hot she is...get through puberty first

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Guys, please show my mouse some mercy. I just bought this thing, and if this pathetic creeping continues, I worry I'll be past the one million click mark before sundown.

  SarahStarzz  |  0

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  AmandaLee2320  |  2

He may love her, but she obviously doesn't love him. If you love someone, you don't make up lies "just to see if they are committed" and scare them to death in the process. That's completely disrespectful. So, he SHOULD leave her.

  AmandaLee2320  |  2

It wouldn't be that hard to do, at least not for me. If my boyfriend did something like that to me I would be so livid I wouldn't even think twice before dumping his immature, disrespectful ass.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Don't tell her, just "disappear."
If someone tells her, she'll assume you did the same, or she'll want to be at the funeral. Just tell your friends what you're doing, and completely disconnect yourself from the world for a few days.

If you DO want to get her back, that is. I wouldn't.. But you have to plan it out carefully.

  brighteyes81  |  0

You realize panic attacks are generally brought on by a neurological disorder that he has no control over. So how he could possibly be told YDI or grow a pair or whatever is rediculous. Wow I wish people were educated.

By  fthku  |  13

If it was your girlfriend's idea, sit her down, and talk to her.
Tell her to grow the fuck up.
Actually, even if it was her friend's idea and she agreed to it, tell her that.