By KatrinaKitten - 16/07/2011 17:24 - United States

Today, I went to a Japanese restaurant, where the chefs cook the food right in front of you. Our chef tossed an egg in the air, but sadly didn't catch it. Don't worry though, my hair got it instead. FML
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KatrinaKitten 16

Omg, my FML GOT POSTED! I'd like to thank all the moderators and all the wonderful people in the world!

CommonSenseKarma 17

I've posted 0 because my life is flawless. FML.


haha that's funny

The dinner should have been free for you out of common courtesy!

garrettsgirl 0

you never know it could be some secret shampoo!

flip that frown upside down so it's sunny-side up! =)

:O those chefs NEVER drop anything you should at least get a free meal or something

do u have a perm by chance?

Andrew1122 0

This sounds like it was at Hibachi or Benihana's

this happened to my sisters prom dress on prom night.

BVB_Army 0

44- They often throw little bits of the food to you to catch in your mouth. So I have no idea why in the hell this is an FML.

StudMuffinette 17

44- yeah!! i been there like a thousand times and they never screw up

changetheworld 0

Wow.. I've been to so many places like that and I've never even heard of them messing up either. Must have been the new guy.

Randuhh_17 4

did the dude, laugh and squeeze the "fake ketchup bottle horn?" they are hilarious...

Maybe the chef was secretly not Japanese and therefor did not posses the skill set of the real Japanese chefs...That's the only logical explination.

get over it miss priss it's hair! oh those eggs they make are soo good

75- it sounds like you had something to do with that by the way you worded it.

ah good I was about to get worried about the egg.

Well, I hope your food was eggscelent. Sorry for the bad yolks, I'm just frying to be witty.

Those are my favorite resturaunts!

sourgirl101 28

Mine too! I love watching them cook on those hibachis and do those tricks. (:

ImaWiseGuy 5

you egg head!!!

Me too! They're egg-cellent!

InfamousRaider 15

Tokyo habachi mmmmm :)

KatrinaKitten 16

Omg, my FML GOT POSTED! I'd like to thank all the moderators and all the wonderful people in the world!

i thought only mongolian resturants did that.

KatrinaKitten 16

Asian restaurants I guess! :) I've never been to a Mongolian restaurant, so who knows?

boys just dont grasp the importance of hair to girls. worth way more than free dessert

flockz 19

i would have dozens of eggs thrown at me for a klondike bar though...

baller2432 0

it's called habachi

Congrats. I wish I could get an FML posted.

KatrinaKitten 16

Third time was the charm for me!

2ndSucks 15

At least you kept the floor clean op :) I bet the janitor liked you.

-3 I helped, I demand a cookie ! Lol congrats, may you have many more sexy fun times.

KiddNYC1O 20

Congratulations, Double K. New York!

So... are you bullshitting us or did this happen?

KatrinaKitten 16

29, I'm not from NEW YORK. I don't have anything filled for that profile thing, so I guess it defaults to NY.

my fml never gets posted. fml.

KatrinaKitten 16

30, "Please don't post any comments which question the validity of an FML." -FML Comment Policy. That's all I want to say. :) :) :) Read it & Weep.

KatrinaKitten 16

I feel like I'm ass-raping the comment's section, so to all you guys, Thanks! You will get your FMLs posted if you keep submitting, because you never know! Don't stop believing. And 26, you can have an egg.

KiddNYC1O 20

36- I didn't say you're from New York or not. Thanks for the insight, though. lol

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OMG someone who comments on their post lol. I've posted 5 not one got accepted >.>

CommonSenseKarma 17

I've posted 0 because my life is flawless. FML.

So is the FML true? If so, you must be soooo freakin pissed.

HeartAndSoul2011 0

aww no fair none of mine have been posted and I've had 3 for a long time :(

Was it Osaka? The chefs there do that too.

sorry about your hair haha

haha! i modded this :P!

73 - Osaka is in Japan, so that's still Japanese...I don't see your point.

I'm pretty sure the "hibachi" thing where chefs perform tricks in front of customers is an American phenomenon. I'm actually surprised that they do that in Osaka.

did you mean oosaka? like one of the big cities in japan? pronounced o-o-saka

Zeek63 0

your hair has some great natural talent which is catching things! you should go to a baseball game and let your hair jump up and catch all the foul balls!

were u at Sakura?

willis97 0

ur hot

3 keep on catching eggs with your face and your FML dreams will come true.

crowbar_2010 2

here kitty, kitty. lmao juuuuuust kidding. its kinda cool to actually be able to see who posted the fml. idk if it shows the ops profile on a pc but it doesnt on my android.

Was it Benihana?

i heard that egg is good for your hair. You shouldn't worry either because in no time it will be shiny and smooth. :D

Next time, duck. Peking duck.

You know what they say, egg is good for shiny, strong hair!

Haha, that hilarious!:) sorry about that though! If you go there again, tell them to not throw the egg at you! FYL:(

Free_Candy 0

Wow, really professional.

well THAT was lucky. thank god your hair got it!

food must never be wasted.... but now u can try the new egg shampoo

food must never be wasted.... but now u can try the new egg shampoo

flockz 19

did u get free dessert? if so its all good.

otb113 7

at least it didn't fall in your tits

Beebow_fml 5

In? IN?!