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  redsfan  |  4

Maybe the chef was secretly not Japanese and therefor did not posses the skill set of the real Japanese chefs...That's the only logical explination.

  KatrinaKitten  |  16

I feel like I'm ass-raping the comment's section, so to all you guys, Thanks!
You will get your FMLs posted if you keep submitting, because you never know! Don't stop believing.
And 26, you can have an egg.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

I'm pretty sure the "hibachi" thing where chefs perform tricks in front of customers is an American phenomenon. I'm actually surprised that they do that in Osaka.

  Zeek63  |  0

your hair has some great natural talent which is catching things! you should go to a baseball game and let your hair jump up and catch all the foul balls!

  crowbar_2010  |  2

here kitty, kitty. lmao juuuuuust kidding. its kinda cool to actually be able to see who posted the fml. idk if it shows the ops profile on a pc but it doesnt on my android.