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How could that possibly go wrong?

What a genius idea!


How could that possibly go wrong?

OP can now make a sequel to Edward scissor hands. Edward staple feet!!!

8 - Or, OP's feet could be used like Wolverine's claws. Kicking criminals with the swift foot of justice! Maybe I'm taking this too far...

.....and magneto can come along and instead of bending his claws he can bed OP's staples in his feet. Okay maybe i took it too far......

Actually, I think this is getting rather interesting. I'd keep going, but I'm running out of ideas... anything I say at this point would probably sound completely retarded :/

How about this: Stapleman, who shoots staples out of his hands instead of webs! Then, he pushes the easy button every time his mission is complete? Yeah, I should probably stop now.

Too many cartoons when you were young?

There is no such thing as "too many cartoons".

I'd hate to see what you use for when you have an unbearable itch on your balls...

Why would OP even think this is a good idea. "I'm going to scratch with something that can shoot sharp objects" common sense where art thou.

Heheheheh.. Edward Staple Feet. I giggled so much my boyfriend woke up & looked at me funny.

Goddammit I edited the last comment & it didn't show up

But now it is -.- I feel silly.

I'm not your fucking bro (:

When you say that it goes wrong

You couldn't find a drill?

Whenever I have an itch, I too grab my stapler.

Running around in circles now?

I imagine rolling around on the floor would be more appropriate given the situation.

I hope you didn't try to take out the stapler with a knife OP

78 - I don't think he had the whole stapler stuck in his foot...

if he wants to triple the pain, yes.

if he wants to triple the pain, yes.

if he wants to triple the pain, yes.

Your triple post tripled my pain.

I hope you did it absent minded cos if you did that thinking it was going to end well, then you're pretty fookin' stupid.

You don't say? *insert that meme face*

Fookin' stupid huh?

What? "Fookin' stupid"? Huh? I'm confused.

Yes they spelt fookin. Big deal. Why doesn't everyone point it out! *sarcasm*

They did it deliberately 99, we are pointing out how completely shit it sounds

Fookin'? Is that the new thing now?

What a genius idea!

STAPLES: That was NOT easy.

Greendaycheese you are the second kpop fan I've seen on here do you have a tumblr?

I don't think this site is appropriate for you, VIP.

What are you talking about isnt it for everyone ? Just because I'm also on another site doesn't mean I can't be on another one

Still better then the time i used a broken glass bottle too scratch my bal...nevermind. I miss righty *sighs*

122- I feel so bad for you.

122- I feel so bad for you.

122- I feel so bad for you.

It's okay, 140. We all have our triple-posts every now and then... Seriously though, that must hurt!

And why, may I ask, did you choose the stapler to scratch your foot?

Unless stapling is a stapler ever the right idea?

That made no sense . . .

I think "unless stapling" wasn't supposed to be there

Forget some punctuation?

It makes perfect sense aside from a missing comma. Don't be so obtuse.

"Unless you're stapling, when is a stapler ever the right idea?" You're Welcome.

I think if Doc were here, he would use his translator. But I'll give it a shot: "Is a stapler ever the right idea?" But I believe a better translation would be: "A stapler should never be misused on the feet or any other body parts. Its appropriate purpose is for organizing papers only." Yes, my translator is that complex.

Hate when that happens

Scratching with a stapler is always the solution the sharp pain helps to forget the itch!

Or, using a paring knife...

Why wouldn't you use the end of the stapler instead of the front?

either you're a masochist or just plain retarded

Don't be sad to people who are disabled

Being retarded doesn't make you disabled... There is a difference

Disabled is a very broad statement. There is such a thing as being mentally disabled.

56- Yes it does? Like 59 said, disabled is a very broad statement. It can mean physically disabled, as well as mentally disabled. And mental retardation is an example of being mentally disabled. Just because you don't have a physical handicap doesn't mean you're not disabled.

Go to Thailand and get someone to ped-egg your foot there.

Thailand? They sell PedEggs in most stores. I think it's an "As Seen On TV" product... unless you're making a reference to something.

If you go to Thailand they ped-egg your foot for you, and your foot is practically raw. I know that sounds painful and it is for the first few days but you don't have serious foot itches like OP here.

Well I think the OP is in enough pain as it is, and it probably will hurt for the next few days. :/