By Anonymous
Today, as I was perusing old photos with my mother, I found one of her with a "childhood friend" at her wedding to my dad. Now I know where my green eyes and blotchy neck birthmark came from, and it's not from the man I’ve been calling "dad" for 40 years. FML
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By  maikeru1979  |  23

Sosorry OP. My older sister is going through this exact thing right now. she turned 41 last year and decided to do the Ancestry DNA test. learning that "our father" is actually just MY father.
Our mom has been confronted with the dna testing results for 5 family members and she still refuses to admit what she did.(Good news is we did find my sisters biological father)

  maikeru1979  |  23

I know i wasn't really descriptive in my first post. the 5 family members were Me, My sister, niece(sister's daughter), and 2 cousins from Father's side of family.
So yes technically we do all have different fathers.
my sister, her daughter, and me share my mothers family but my sister and her daughter had no DNA in common with any member of my fathers side of the family..

By  Jonathan Curtis Atkins  |  9

A 'Dad' is more than a sperm provider. Thank your Dad of 40 years for being your Dad. Some kids never have one at all.