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Today, I got bitten by my aunt's dog. My brother was holding the leash. He said he didn't pull the dog away from me because he didn't want to rip my shirt. Meanwhile, the dog was biting a penny-sized chunk out of my hip. FML
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good thing it wasnt a dollar size chunk.....and tell your bro to choke on dick and suck balls

today my niece got bitten by my dog because she was messing with him. they are having my dog put down. real fml.


kill the dog fafpfafpfafpfafpfafp fafpfafpfafpfafpfafp fafpfafpfafpfafpfafp fafpfafpfafpfafpfafp

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Happened to me before. Grab it on the back of the neck and pinch. Do it right and it will release.

ew oh well time to put the dog to sleep

ew oh well time to put the dog to sleep

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wowww. I woulda slapped him after 

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@31- hell no!!! dont put it to sleep!!

people!! I hve an urgent announcement. I am currently naked in my bathroom with nair hair removal cream all over my balls. that is all.

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There's cream to remove hair? Pubic hairs say goodbye! Woot

best dogs in the world are boerboels. google them!!

unless he bit reallyyhard, he wouldnt rip out skin, but if he did, it would be a bigger amount than a penny. Your uncle is a dumbshit and the credibility of this FML is very doubtful.

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were you unaware of the wonder of nair?! it's the best for removing hair!! give it a go, that's a dare!!

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65-first of all it could be a penny sized chunk if it was a smaller dog like a puppy and by the way it says his brother not his uncle was holdin the leash

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#65 it could be a small dog like a terrier

26. really enough with the soviet Russia jokes. they stopped being funny a lonnngggg time agoo.

Your balls are going to start burning in about 30 seconds. Just forewarning you 

actually you're lucky he didn't pull the dog off. then it would have just ripped your skin away. you're supposed to try to distract the dog and get him to release. but fyl for getting bitten by a dog :(

yeah, it says unless it's special... do no tout anywhere near down there areas, nipples or face :/

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ImaginaryVoice, Ya gotta rhyme it, like Massdebator did. Folks were screamin' - out of control It was so entertainin' - when your balls started to explode I heard somebody say Burn baby burn! - balls inferno! Burn baby burn! - Burn that mama down

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aw your brother is so thoughtful. you will heal, sadly the shirt wouldn't.

same thing happens to me! except mine was on the leg

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boo hoo a penny I've had bigger chunks taken out of my forehead, arm, and butt you have no room to whine.

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take the dog and make it bite a chunk out of his hip

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you dog hating bastard.. who doesn't love puppies

Tikwichka 5

Hate is such a strong word..

more of a cat person. Don't mind puppies terribly, but yeah, i like cats better.

garuru 4

ya i like pussy.. so suck it

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Ah, 37. The love of what you can't get.

hahaha I second that burn BURRRNN second degree..

Ooohhhhh third degree burn!!!! BUUURRNNN!!!! 

PaintTheStars 2

 

who're you trying to burn? the dog, right?

I like dogs more but when you think about it, people here are arguing whether they like ******* or bitches better.... give that a thought

be gone, dog peoples. I am fireman Sam.

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33 cats produce a hormone that will make you crazy. so you will end up the crazy cat lady/man. puppies produce a hormone that makes you love them. and I ain't making that shit up it was on animal planet.

having a kitten isn't going to turn you into a crazy cat man/lady. Seriously, that's if you have no friends in life and your family has ditched you.

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hey 59 i can get get pussy like ur moms so go **** ur girlfriends blue waffle. how was that burn bitch! ha

good thing it wasnt a dollar size chunk.....and tell your bro to choke on dick and suck balls

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she looks yummy :P. like a cupcake. mmm

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OP fails because it is easy to make a dog latched to a person get off. If you let panic take control, you only have your own failures to blame. YDI OP.

Damn, that sounds painful OP! I'm very much a dog person, but some dogs are vicious little mongrels!