By Anonymous - 16/03/2012 06:02 - United States

Today, I managed to staple my finger while showing my kindergartner class how to properly use one. FML
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K_kanaka 26

Well OP you have shown them how not to use one

I'm sure the kindergartners loved to see that...


K_kanaka 26

Well OP you have shown them how not to use one

I'm sure it was a lessoned learned for all parties involved. But ouch, that would kill!

Sounds like OP should be learning instead of teaching.

And politicians wonder why the children of America are becoming even more stupid, well there you have it.

rofflewaffle 9

You were showing your kids how to properly use a finger? Maybe you should be the one in school.

74- Did you even read the FML?

Littlemiss__LOL 0

OP is a dumbass.

arcanevandal 0

Actually, 74 is correct. While we know from common sense that OP is talking about a stapler, the way they worded it makes it seem as though they are talking about their finger.

I'm sure the kindergartners loved to see that...

Why would kindergartners need staplers? I had to you glue sticks or bottles until 5th grade.

Are they writing 2 page essays in Kindergarden now?

"now it's time to learn what words are appropriate during this time in pain"

28-I think you mean use not you right?

mwrc8man94 1

Well congrats! It sounds like your quite skilled in the art of the stapler. Not.

I_Hug_Cats 26

Well, congrats! Looks like you're quite skilled in the art of grammar. Not.

Well, congrats! Looks like you're quite skilled in the art of being a douchebag.

My shirt is black not *Borat voice*

cyK0tek 0

34- Well congrats! It looks like you're quite skilled in the art of reading comprehension. Not.

While everyone is picking on each other, I would like to bring the attention back to #3, you spelled you're wrong.

mwrc8man94 1

Actually I used your instead of you're, but I didn't misspell anything. Good try though. Not.

Reminds me of how the DEA shot his own foot during a firearm safety presentation with an "unloaded" gun. (Video available on YouTube)

K_kanaka 26

Dude i had to watch that video for one of my Criminal Justice classes. That guy fucked up so bad.

You gotta hand it to him though, he played it off and stayed calm. On another note, did you see the longer version where he brought out the bigger gun and had the audience scared?

"And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you DON'T do with a gun. Can I get some first aid over here?"

perdix 29

You don't need to show kindergarteners how to properly use a finger -- they won't be driving for at least ten years!

They can always practice with the kid that cut them in the lunch line and took the last chocolate milk.

Just say, "THIS is what you want to avoid, kids!" and play it cool like a bad ass motherfucker.

Hopefully one of them won't staple his foreskin onto a table.

RedPillSucks 31

What kindergarten classes were you attending where this was even a remote possibility??

blackheart24 10

Really dude? What the fuck is wrong with you? This is the second fuckin inappropriate comment I've read from you today. Get a life you pervert.

If the teacher doesn't teach them right, they're going to do it wrong. Monkey see, monkey do improperly. Right, dude?

Keep your eye on the stapler!

Alas the stapler uprising has come. Unfortunately who would've thought of this happening in our lifetime. I must prepare.

"this is how you not use staplers." *shows demonstration of staple in finger.* *Cue* The shot of horror that's on the kids faces appears.

KatichBroski 0

wow UR GOOOD(:! hAHA

wow UR NOT(:! hAHA that's right...

90- You missed a few OOOOoOoOOoooOooOooooOOoOoO's. It really helps get the point across.