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Today, I was speeding a little on the highway. I thought I saw a police car, so I slammed on my brakes, causing the person behind me to rear end me. The "police car" I saw was just a broken down car on the side of the road. FML
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so dumb. why speed if you're afraid of cops. dumb dumb.


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Its weird, if the cop already had his gun on you it wouldn't even matter. Slamming on the breaks seems like a terrible idea. Also hasn't there been another FML just like this, by another woman . . .

Cops shouldn't be handing out speeding tickets. Might help avoid accidents like this.

50- you're an idiot.. your logic is so ridiculous I hope you have no more power than that of a rock. please don't add to the gene pool.

I'm sorry if I can handle a car going 75 and you can't. Perhaps the DMV ought to administer a high-speed competency test: those capable of handling a car in an emergency situation while going faster than 65mph should have special stickers on the front and back of their car signifying this, so cops won't pull them over, while the rest of you can stick to 55-65.

If you were only speeding "a little" then why did you feel the need to SLAM on the brakes? Of course you deserve it, anybody who slams on their brakes on a highway clearly deserves it.

so just slow down don't slam on the brakes

yeah in that situation, we ease on the breaks to slow down. not slam on the breaks and stop completely.

well technically the other car is at fault kuz they were too close right

haha it's funny cause this person's from New York and it doesn't matter everybody speeds here

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#55- what "emergency" requires you to go 65?!? Either you're such an inexperienced driver you think 65 is fast, or you have an f'd opinion of what an emergency is...

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86, re-read that. He said "faster than 65" in emergencies.

even if u were 2 car spaces behind u wouldn't have enough time to react to sum bitch who needs to stay in the kitchen obviously who can't even drive a car pretty pathetic

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I agree with #50; speeding is not dangerous (though of course it can compound an already-dangerous situation). The Autobahn, after all, has a lower fatality rate than American highways. But speeding is easy to ticket, because a cop can just sit there and catch it happening, which makes it an easy source of income for the government. By the way, OP, did you mean "broken-down car" or did you actually see a car made of feathers. (Hyphens are your friends.)

Speeding IS dangerous, but only due to the fact most people are careless drivers.

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Which means the carelessness is the issue. Failure to signal, failure to maintain safe distance, failure to pay attention, failure to yield the right of way, failure to free up the passing lane, etc. Honor these, and speeding is a non-issue.

lifeinHD has past the point of idiocy and has now entered the unforgiving realm of incredible retardation. Also, does OP honestly think they will get any sympathy on fml? They slammed on the brakes while speeding on the highway... I rest my case.

Exactly, #86. So when you're going 70 and an idiot pulls out in front of you doing 50, you know how to react. "Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you."

But now imagine that "idiot" going 50 pulled out in front of you on a one lane, each direction, road. If you pull off to the right, like drivers ed teaches, you could potentially go over a curb or even hit another car. You can't say that speeding is okay. The US is strict in its driving laws for a reason. Speeding is definitely a no-go. I've seen the accidents that happen because that "idiot going 50" pulled out in front of someone going 70mph who had nowhere to go.

So what you're saying is because you can handle a car at 75mph means you should legally be aloud to speed while the rest of us would get pulled over?

#55, but there are good things about the speeding tickets. It's not like every drivers is like OP and speeds when the cops aren't around. It keeps the drivers under control so they don't hit other cars. The moral of these tickets are good. They're trying to protect everyone on the road...

so dumb. why speed if you're afraid of cops. dumb dumb.

op deserves to be pulled out of the car and bludgeoned with a tire iron. I hate ppl who do senseless things like that on the highway. take the license and lock em up.

you are so dumb, you are really dumb, for real!

you are so dumb, you are really dumb, for real!

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I would agree with you, except for the fact they "slammed on [their] breaks on the highway". The person who rear ended OP may not have been that close, but if the brakes were slammed on it's possible it's OP's fault. If you're to slow down on a highway, take your foot off the gas... don't break. Highways are high speed and if you stop like that... *facepalms OP*.

I don't know... i was under the impression you can slam your breaks on and still say it's their fault. And if you're speeding and they manage to hit you, that means they were also speeding, so they cannot blame you for that.

True enough. But then there stands the fact that you can't slam on your breaks on a highway due to the inevitability that you will impede traffic flow. Also, isn't it commonly known (at least I thought it was) that you're allowed to go 5-10 km over the speed limit in the states without getting a ticket? Here, in Canada, 5-10 km over the limit is fine, though anything over that is ticket-worthy.

I think here you're allowed 10% of the speed you're legally supposed to be doing. Or so I have been told, but it's a long time since I did my theory test.

I'm not sure about NY law, but in MA, if they rear-end you, it IS legally their fault. The idea is that it is tailgating if they would hit you if you suddenly stopped. I know most states aren't as extreme in this, but it's pretty close and could have the same law. Check it out. Speeding 5-10 mph over the speed limit on the highway is the norm, but it's not legal. They can pull you over and ticket you for speeding. The less you speed, the higher the chances are it'll be thrown out of court. They also don't *tend* to ticket at such little speeding on highways as it's safer for you to 'go the flow'.

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I also think it's their fault. The distance between your car and the next one must be big enough that the car in front can slam their brakes (for example because of an accident in front if them) without the car behind them hitting them. So if you were rear ended I guess it's still their fault, no matter why you slammed your brakes. But if you were speeding "a little" you really wouldn't have to slam your brakes. Braking a little would be appropriate so you kind of deserve it.

I can't help but think if there had been an accident or someone running out that the car behind would also have seen some signs of it at the same time as the car in front braking, which would give them theoretically the same stopping time/distance and therefore the chances of them rear-ending the car in front would be less. Drivers tend not to expect the car in front to stop without any reason at all, such as in this case, where the only indication is the brake lights. Though I do agree that the person behind should always leave enough room. Which is why it's usually classed as the car behind's fault in such a collision.

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Even if someone slams on their brakes, the person behind them should be far enough back to react.

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Cops can pull you for going one single MPH over the speed limit.

64 - Yes, in certain places. Not where I'm from, and I'm almost certain not in most of, if not all of the States. Community of Americaland - correct me if I'm wrong about cops not pulling you over for 1 mile over the limit.

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in Oregon if someone rear ends you it's both of your fault equally, we're a no fault state, no matter what happens, yay Oregon! *spoken sarcastically*

in response to 30 I wouldn't think that the 10 percent theory would hold up in America cause I'm pretty sure 60 percent of the population wouldn't know how to calculate 10 percent of their speed at any given time.

It's ten percent of the limit, which here is pretty much always a multiple of ten... And I think over in the US it's always a multiple of five? And how hard is it to divide a number by ten?

#3 I'd say your wrong. think about it. OP slams on her breaks, it's about one or two seconds before the person in the car behinds reaction kicks in, by which time they'd be pretty near to each other, and bam, they smash

Cops In AmericaLand can pull you over for going 1 mile over the speed limit since you are doing something illegal, but on highways they generally wait for people going like 15 - 20 mph faster because then they can't use any excuses. You don't drive 80 mph on accident. also when I was first leaning to drive my driving instructor told me that they won't pull you over for like 1-5 mph because people used the excuse of messed up speedometers and they didn't know exactly what speed they were going. Not entirely sure on the validity on what my driving instructor said but now you know.

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FYL why the hell were they so close to you, but then again YDI for speeding. tssk tssk.

YDI ... slamming your brakes just makes you suspicious anyway.

****** idiot it's ppl like u dat causes da accidents anyway why slam on brakes whn there's a cop round

And it's people like you, Buckeye, that cause Grammar Nazis to be required.

If the cop's standing in front of you (so he can't see the brake lights), focusing on the readout of his gun, and you brake hard but still gently enough not to make the tires screech or the front of the car dip down, there's a chance you could get away with it.


You deserved it for not wearing your glasses.

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YDI, first for speeding, second for thinking a broken down car was the cops, and third for not knowing what's around you. Next time hang up your phone while driving and pay better attention to the road.

Sorry, but if you were only speeding "a little" then you did not need to "slam" on your brakes, gently tapping back down to the correct speed would have been fine. And yes, I'm aware the car behind you would have been doing a similar speed, but if you slam your brakes on out of the blue, they have to react bloody quickly to not hit you. Especially if they didn't see the same 'hazard' you did. Why do people speed? It only leads to accidents when you think you're about to get in trouble and so do something unsafe to make up for this. Safety is one of the most important things than driving, and is more important than being late or looking cool...

i agree with cinn. and also, since you were on the highway I'm guessing you were going at a high speed, so if you "slammed" on your breaks, your speed would go significantly lower and maybe even to a stop, how did you not expect a car to hit you? and slamming on ur breaks in the middle of the highway would probably get you a ticket anyway

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Shouldn't you be in the kitchen Cinn?

*Looks back into the tray* Fairy cake?

agreed. OP, way to make us woman look like bad drivers, we already got it enough on a previous FML.

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umm, why would you slam on your breaks?that makes it more obvious that you were speeding