By Anonymous - United States - Fort Lauderdale
  Today, half-way through my trip to Florida, I received a call from my friend of six years. "I sort of had sex with your girlfriend while you were gone." He said it "just sort of happened." FML
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It's just intercourse...honestly I'll never get why people make such a big deal out of it.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Because if every one thought just like you, the human race would have been extinct long ago do to many STDs. You have to heads; you can, at the very least, use one to think (and no, in your case, I'm NOT talking about the lower one).

  nurchok  |  15

Sorry to hear that OP. Thank your so called friend for being honest, then punch him in the face and/or kick in the nuts, then ditch them both. You deserve better...

  fml121785  |  14

#71 Does your Jim Carey voice in your head also say "are" after every time it says "your"? Because you're totally making him sound like a complete jackass!

Quick lesson:
Example: You're a jackass. = You are a jackass.

YOUR = shows that something belongs to YOU or shows possession.
Example: Your teacher should've taught you this in elementary school.



#129, correcting someone's grammar is one thing, but doing it so harshly and condescendingly is another, very jackass-esque thing. I know that's not even a word, but point is, you're a jackass. In other words, You Are a jackass.

Good day.

  ILoveMyArm  |  15

I hope you all are not being sarcastic because that is how I go about when it comes to mating. Sure there are a couple of sexual assault charges here and there, other than that it works amazingly.

  addioty  |  19

No no no! She decided to go commando while wearing a skirt and was bending over to put something in her car when suddenly, OP's friend forgot to examine his zipper, lost control of himself on roller skates and voila!