By Anonymous - 26/08/2013 20:17 - United States - Fort Lauderdale

Today, half-way through my trip to Florida, I received a call from my friend of six years. "I sort of had sex with your girlfriend while you were gone." He said it "just sort of happened." FML
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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

That kind of stuff doesn't just "sort of" happen. Sorry op. Ditch them both.

Pwn17 25

It's not his fault. He accidentally tripped and fell into her lady parts.


Well alrighty then

You mean "I'm going to punch your face, but it will just sort of happen..." right?

At least he told him.

Yes. Op should celebrate the fact that he was told that his girlfriend hd sex with his so called friend

zed34 18

Hopefully, they're not friends anymore

#61- I don't know what world you live in but usually I wouldn't stay friends with a girlfriend banger.

hcollins1 18

Who else read this in Jim Carrey's voice? But they're honestly not you're friend if they're going to 'just happen' to sleep with you're girlfriend.

hopefully OP finds someone new in Florida

It's just intercourse...honestly I'll never get why people make such a big deal out of it.

Because it should be sacred, not just out there for everyone ^

Because if every one thought just like you, the human race would have been extinct long ago do to many STDs. You have to heads; you can, at the very least, use one to think (and no, in your case, I'm NOT talking about the lower one).

what, she slipped, fell, landed on his dick?

it was just coincidence! Wrong place at the wrong time!

nurchok 15

Sorry to hear that OP. Thank your so called friend for being honest, then punch him in the face and/or kick in the nuts, then ditch them both. You deserve better...

#71 Does your Jim Carey voice in your head also say "are" after every time it says "your"? Because you're totally making him sound like a complete jackass! Quick lesson: YOU'RE = YOU ARE Example: You're a jackass. = You are a jackass. YOUR = shows that something belongs to YOU or shows possession. Example: Your teacher should've taught you this in elementary school. YOU'RE WELCOME! :)

Some people do.

winnerme123 8

It is what he gets for not taking his girlfriend to florida.

CharresBarkrey 15

129 - Well allllllllllrighty then

You sound like you're, YOU ARE a jackass.

129, YOU'RE a CUNT. Did I use it right there??

Tell him your sorta gunna kick his ass when you get back

#129, correcting someone's grammar is one thing, but doing it so harshly and condescendingly is another, very jackass-esque thing. I know that's not even a word, but point is, you're a jackass. In other words, You Are a jackass. Good day.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

That kind of stuff doesn't just "sort of" happen. Sorry op. Ditch them both.

Bitch please!! You know how easy it is to slip and fall into another's ****** penis first... muggle.

^^This is exactly how my biology teacher explains 'random mating.' A male just falls from the sky and his penis falls into a random ******.

ILoveMyArm 15

I hope you all are not being sarcastic because that is how I go about when it comes to mating. Sure there are a couple of sexual assault charges here and there, other than that it works amazingly.

Since your username has to deal with the love for your arm, do the sexual charges come from yourself?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

who u calling a bitch, ****?!!?

What a great friend D:

Allennis44 16

Looks like it's time for a new one

It's not only his fault. The girlfriend could of stopped it.

Pwn17 25

It's not his fault. He accidentally tripped and fell into her lady parts.

DreamStatic 8

His fist should accidentally slip into his face at full velocity.

Imagining that hurts, haha aow

Happens to the best of us

afallingstar 22

Let me guess...she tripped naked and fell onto his penis?

evan_7899 28

Erect penis*

No, he clearly was doing yard work with no pants on and he accidently used a leaf blower on OPs friend and blew off her cloths.

Maybe his penis was too sort?

addioty 19

No no no! She decided to go commando while wearing a skirt and was bending over to put something in her car when suddenly, OP's friend forgot to examine his zipper, lost control of himself on roller skates and voila!

Tell him that you two are sort of not friends anymore.

evan_7899 28

Well his penis took a vacation too

peff_fml 6

At least he told you?

The guilt got to him so that's good. He has a conscience. He's still an asshole though.

Or you know... Maybe he was just bragging?

Maybe you should "just sort of" stop talking to him and break up with your girlfriend. Cheaters and betrayers don't deserve your company.

Or he could 'sort of' punch him in the face

ApollosMyth 22

Yea, then his friend can "just sort of" charge him with assault. I'd go with the plan of just stopping talking to him.

perdix 29

You should sort of stick your sort of foot up his sort of ass.