By Anonymous - 23/05/2010 05:32 - Canada

Today, my best friend of 10 years told me she had slept with a man who had a girlfriend. I told her that it wasn't that bad. She then informed me that it was my boyfriend. FML
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GraceMarieC 13

YDI for telling her it wasn't bad in the first place.

It's all fun and games until it involves you.


Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

lucindo 0

nawwww poor you FML :(

If your Bi you can share him?

Why would you tell her it's not that bad? That's awful! Cheaters suck :/

Now op has to share her bf with someone. Lucky bastard. :)

well it wasn't that bad till it was YOUR bf. lol ydi

She said it wasn't that bad, to cheer her friend up, Duh

godofcyanide 8

Agree with #16. It's all fun and games until you're the one getting played.

In your own words back to you, OP; "it's not that bad". YDI

aznpopgrl02 0

yea..sleeping with another's boyfriend is always a bad thing to do..and that friend is f*cked up to be sleeping with her own best friend's bf and so is her horny a** boyfriend.. op u don't need people like that to be in ur's a good thing that op said to her friend that it wasn't that bad because her friend wouldn't have told her and she wouldn't have known that her boyfriend cheated on her

#39 Has it 100% correct. You do not need people like this in your life. Grow some backbone and quit calling them your friends. Dump both of their cheating asses.

haha yeah OP, don't mind other people's misery but when it involves you it somehow feels a lot worse.. YDI

To everyone commenting on #1: Isn't that one of the points of the FML? How she told her friend that it wasn't bad she had sex with some girl's boyfriend, only to realize it was HER boyfriend, and now she's going to look a hypocrite. Obviously that's not her MAIN worry :P But it is there. least she told you

danielleeycakes 3

oh, and #31, if you catch an STD, you can thank your "open" and "trusting" relationship. :3

deannamarie12 0

ouch, whatta bitch she is :( FYL, OP.

Tune in next week, on Days of Our Lives. Will the best friend forgive the only friend she had, that has slept with her boyfriend? Will there be an exchange of words, and hair? And will the boyfriend confess, he actually caught an STD?? TUNE IN!!!

awhsum 0

haha :P

You deserve it you vapid ****. You told her it wasn't that bad. So, it's not that bad that your boyfriend cheated on you.

yeah, I agree telling her it wasn't so bad wasn't the best thing to say, but still FYL 4 having a shitty best friend and boyfriend

Ali_Br_fml 33

well... it's not THAT bad... hey, your words, not mine... lolz. funny so much for friend... that cheating... strumpet...

awww that's right there are not enough men to go around in canada honey. u gotta try harder :)

my best friend since I was 5 lost her v-card to my bf two years before I met him. LOL fun threesomes(;

Mhm, hey OP, its funny how when she told you that she slept with someones boyfriend, it wasn't "that bad" but when its your boyfriend it all suddenly changes. So you're telling me that if she slept with someone else's boyfriend, you'd be ok with it? It wasn't that bad when you didn't know so it shouldn't be that bad now. Therefore, this isnt an FML. YDI/Not-an-FML. But, since (unfortunetly) there is no not-FML-an-FML button, this FML deserves YDI x 2. Have a nice day!

thank you ms jesse! got-dang flood protection!

oooooooooooh! she just went there.

not to bad? ydi for sayin tht u dumb cheating bitch

well played on her part XD

she said it's not that bad cos a girls best friend had a complete bias opinion, imo, your meant to make your beastie feel better. but geez op fyl, that sucks hard, what a *****, you just lost both important people to you. :( new b/f and bff I think. xox

GraceMarieC 13

YDI for telling her it wasn't bad in the first place.

Lol I think you're reading too much into it bro :)

I bet that's why the friend said it that way first (thinking op would say it's okay).

Oops that comment poofed! :(

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

ms Jessie you ****

you totally deserve that for telling her it wasnt bad.

So tell me OP.. Is it still not that bad?

so what op u think it isint that bad !!! Ydi!

I don't really think the OP meant it wasn't bad... it's one of those things you say to make the other person feel better about themselves.

Exactly she was just trying to make her friend feel better about themself. Pity her best friend couldn't have kept her feelings in mind before she screwed her bf

your picture is just rude

deannamarie12 0

I think it's hilarious.

at least she told u

It's all fun and games until it involves you.

Freeze, I dig the pic.

Your display picture? Do like.

Shokz, bad ass pic also. I wish Iphone app would let me put one up.

Ali_Br_fml 33

ikr!!! had 2 do it on an actual computer... who does that anymore??? takes 2 long... I loved that comma pic though... I couldn't make it all out on the iPod touch though...

that's one great friend. ydi for not catching on.

For not catching on? It sounds like this is the first time this has happened.

that sucks. you shoulda beat her ass. and not for that dumb-ass who cheated on you but because of the simple fact that she was your "friend" and she screwed you over anyways. REAL TALK! Already!

ariissocutelike 0

People should be angry mainly at their significant other for cheating, not mainly the friend. That's immature to be vice versa. She should kick her boyfriends ass. But it's also stupid cos it's "fine"until it's HER boyfriend

If she had simply slept with a guy who turned out to have a girlfriend, it wouldn't be quite as bad. Some people hook up without sharing details, blah blah blah. It happens. It would then be more of the boys fault for withholding such information, that's probably what the OP meant when they said it wasn't so bad. However, sleeping with someone they know or someone their friend is dating is a whole different matter altogether. She isn't your friend OP, neither is your boyfriend.

fits138 0

what a ****. sorry op. that sucks! dump them both.

Well hey, like you said, it's not that bad.