By shorty - 21/04/2014 04:11 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, when I went to the shopping centre, the automatic door wouldn't open for me. I had to stand there and wait until someone else walked by to open it for me. I suffer from dwarfism and this is a daily occurrence. FML
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Well its definetly not your fault i have a growth hormone disorder im 17 and only 4'11

Great things come in small packages op...


Well its definetly not your fault i have a growth hormone disorder im 17 and only 4'11

That's very different to dwarfism. You're just very short.

#1 still has to deal with some of the daily problems op does and can relate. My aunt and 2 best friends are all under 5 feet tall for various reasons and I've seen how frustrating it is for them to not be able to reach certain things or do things because of their heights. While it's not the end of the world, it's frustrating and in some cases embarrassing. -the friend who's always happy to get things off the top shelf without teasing you

My sister is 26 and 4'11".

nattlecakes 19

Oh I feel you! Same height same age.

I'm in my 40s and 4'11"ish. The weird thing is I'm shrinking--my height a few years ago was a shade under 5'0". But we're still taller than that Snooki chick from Jersey Shore. She's only 4'8".

you can always manually open the doors. just pull them open.

Guys, a 4'11" woman is not afflicted by dwarfism, just short. Also, that is plenty tall enough to trigger an automatic door.

#1 never said anything about dwarfism. They said that they have hormone issues.

I'm 4"11, too! Maybe OP could try jumping and waving their arms at the sensor? I have to do that on trains.

#80 - its not wierd to shrink. it gradually happens as you get older..

20 @ 4"9 haha!

21. 3 11 inch

You're not that short. I think a dwarf is 4ft 10 inches. You will still grow. Ever consider taking some growth hormones.?

#92, don't say a 4'11" woman isn't affected by dwarfism. My sister is 19, is about that height, and has dwarfism. There are different types of dwarfism and they leave people at different heights.

Great things come in small packages op...

But they're in such short supply.

Lets try and be a little sensitive, Pleo.

That's a tall order, considering how high a penchant I have for making jokes. I guess I'll try not to belittle them anymore, then, if they have such a short fuse. I'd hate for anyone around here to think lower of me.

I'm not trying to dwarf the situation, at all. I was simply stating that the short comings of others are a little bit touchy. That being said, I know the difficulty of standing tall when the situation seems out of reach. So, I will definitely not lower the standings of your jokes. That would be small of me.

@30 they...didn't say anything about viruses..

Viruses don't cause dwarfism. Gene mutations do.

@19 I have never seen someone redeem themselves so well after making such a silly comment. Well done sire

45 The other commenter was saying that viruses also come in small packages.

Maybe the sensors for the doors are messed up...usually they open with any sign of motion!

In Canada, automatic doors will even open for my bichons. I'm kind of confused why in Australia the censors wouldn't reach a small person.

jazzy_123 20

jump like in Toy Story!! :D

I'm pretty sure automatic doors work for small children, why would it be any different for a small adult? Unless the door mechanisms are different where I'm from. Here there is a sensor above the door looking down on an angle about 5 feet away on the ground. Motion is motion, no?

Yes, but they usually are aimed a couple feet off the ground so they aren't triggered by blowing leaves or stray dogs or anything. If OP is shorter than the spot the sensor is aimed, they won't pick up any motion.

We're in Australia we don't want the kangaroos and koalas coming In the shops ;p unattended

graceinsheepwear 33

Figure out where the sensor is and wave something at it.

yeah, like a snozzberry!

Don't worry 43, I got the Willy Wonka reference!

Wow OP it sounds like you really get the short end of the stick.

This got voted down? It's hilarious

mif_fml 27

That's pretty low #6..

It was low! Like to low to get an automatic door to open for it

Dude, it might be bad in situations like this, but live your life to the fullest. Do pranks and fuck with people. Just have fun.

and Fuck people not to forget.

they should either get a sensor that detects to the ground, or supply a stick that little people can hold up so they can get in

mif_fml 27

Really..? Supply a stick?

You just like raining on everyone's parade! Yes I stick, or as I am sure OP would call it, a stick to insure they don't get the end of the stick!!

Well you are not short on options to resolve your little problem. You could carry a big stick to make those sensors notice you and beat anyone who pokes fun at little people. That's just one option

You could just pull the door open. Kinda less awkward than shaking a stick at it and all, plus you get the benefit of looking like a badass.

Im picturing that it is one of those sliding automatic doors (pocket door) rather than one on a hinge. And i find that sliding doors are a pain to try to force open, im assuming youre thinking about the handicap button thats typically on a door that had hinges ( which to me doesnt count as automatic it counts as people using it being lazy unless they truly need the assistance )

14 - The sliding doors are rather easy to pull apart to open. Plus they are also made so you can push them open for emergencies(they pop right back in). As for laziness of using the handicapped button, I believe this. I have seen people face plant a non-automatic door and then stare at it like it is broken.

14- If there was a handicap button I don't think there would be an issue, I was just simply stating that sliding automatic doors can be easily pulled open as they are designed that way.