By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, I was driving 3 of my guy friends to a party that was half an hour away. There was an awkward silence for most of the trip. I just figured out why now. I've had sex with all 3 of my guy friends. They talk about it when I'm not around. FML
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  derriduh  |  0

Um, her guys friends all had sex with her, too. And quite possibly, THEY'VE all slept with their other female friends.

I love how so many people on FML like acting as the morality police as though they're all a bunch of saints who wish we lived in a society where people are called out and flogged for their "immoral" behavior. fuck you people, i'm really glad i know none of you in real life, so bloody judgemental.


please think it over next time before you land into another awkward situation like this again. its not totally bad to sleep with your friends but there are consequences of course. be safe too :)

  blargity  |  0

#113 is exactly right and maybe they were all boyfriends?
but that sucks especially since they all ended up meeting
#191 is full of shit
i hate double standards too though but that's hypocritical

  wsDK_II  |  0

Most girls these days are arrogant, ignorant, selfish, shallow, moronic, pathetic, shortsighted and slutty whores these days. The same could be said about guys as well.

  SilverBallet  |  0

It's not that she's slept with more than one person. It's that she put herself in this awkward situation, and she seems to think it's an FML.

She's made her bed. Now she has to lie in it, alone or not.

  NNNOM  |  1

sleeping w/ 3 guys does not make her a whore. everyone is entitled to sexual freedom.
it's the fact that the guys she slept with were her friends that makes her judgement kind of off. friends aren't for sex.

  wadekl1  |  0

... she may be w/e but its absolutely pathetic that you feel the need to bash her like that lol.
like WHAT on earth does that do for you? lol as if it's gonna stop her from doing what she wants.
this is supposed to be humorous. and it was so. soooo no need to be rude. just makes you look a little on the ignorant side especially being that you don't know her or the situation.
not that i do either but that's why you shouldn't judge. only Big Guns upstairs has that right. =)

  DeathMaple  |  3

Everyone calling that poor girl a whore you guys are the reason our world nowadays sucks. What about the boys? Why don't you call them whores? Enjoy your double standards.

  Hansemans  |  17

# What is OP was a guy sleeping with three girls? He would have been admired. Just think of it this was: a key that can open a lot of locks is a master key. A lock that can be opened by a lot of keys, well, that's just a lousy lock.

(just kidding, I personally simply prefer monogam relationships over one night stands)

By  gcristina17  |  0

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