My ex the dumbass

By Anonymous - 10/07/2020 20:02

Today, my long distance boyfriend sent me a Snap of him fucking another girl. When he realized he'd sent it to me, he called me, trying to explain, "it's not what it looks like. It was meant for the boys." Two days ago, I made plans to visit him. Guess who's out money and single. FML
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HokieJ 10

Sorry to hear that your ex is a scumbag!


wow great idea no way op considered that

they said they were out money. obviously they either tried and couldn't cancel or hadn't tried yet, asshole

HokieJ 10

Sorry to hear that your ex is a scumbag!

Why not go for the threesome? Win-win-win!

Not wise to travel during a pandemic anyways. A blessing in disguise. The cheater is not worth the time.

Send him a bill. Include the recipes. Let him know. Don’t expect a payment, but maybe he will pony up.

Recipes? I'm curious. Recipes for what?

Gubbon 10

For disaster :)

genuinegoodguy 9

So brain wasn’t his strong point then. You’ve been saved a lot of later trouble by his idiocy. Definitely one that you’re better off without.

You can still take your trip. Just do the appropriate tourist stuff at your destination and forget whats-his-name. :-)

thatkorean 5

Call the airline and ask for a credit to your account and go on a different trip.

I’m worried about the fact he has sent pictures intended for the boys. This in itself is a red flag. Does the other girl even know? You are lucky to escape this ass hat. I hope he hasn’t sent pictures of you to his friends.

Good thing he clarified that it was meant for the boys, so now you know it's all okay. Wait...