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  drunkmunkey  |  24

It's not easy quitting but one morning you get tired of waking up feeling like shit every morning and you decide to stop... It's not easy but you start feeling a lot better after a few weeks... It's still really easy to slip though so you have to keep at it

  orbit  |  22

Sorry, but from reading the fml I didn't get anything about op wanting to go cold turkey. What I did get out of it is op enjoys drinking and didn't have enough money to keep up with himself.

By  homesuckfucker  |  28

OP, any symptoms of withdrawal you may experience while trying to quit are well worth the financial, physical and emotional change quitting will bring. I speak from experience. No, there is nothing wrong with an occasional drink. But binge drinking and alcoholism is extremely dangerous and you will not regret quitting entirely if you have no self control when drinking.

By  Rosebudx  |  32

Once you're away from it, you'll find that that half of your motivation is rapidly shrinking. You'll always want the drink, mind, but you'll realize that life can be better without it.