By silvernights21 - 05/01/2012 23:40 - United States

Today, as I was finishing running a mile, my entire class begun to cheer me on. I felt happy since I don't have many friends. Only when I got closer did I realize that they were cheering for the girl behind me, and in fact, not one person was cheering for me. FML
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_daniellesays_ 10

If I were there, I'd cheer for you.

hero93 6

She was probably really ugly, so they felt twice as bad for her. Don't worry OP.


_daniellesays_ 10

If I were there, I'd cheer for you.

GovernorGeneral 8

Aw that so sad D: I second #1 id totally cheer you on as well !

#9 ur comment goes so well with your picture! :$

blackheart24 10

Man I'm sorry OP. Whoever puts YDI is a heartless asshole.

CondomSense 4

I sense a troll coming from yonder passage.

Hey CondomSense, why are you trying to lure MrMisfit in?

LOL, #35 probably is talking about me. Calling someone out for their white knighting =/= trolling.

blair_x 12

This really is sad. THREE CHEERS FOR OP! Hip hip, HOORAY!

Maybe they were cheering for everybody and moved on to the next runner as you finished.

Chris20003 17

I second #1, that tugged at the heart strings.

jeob1992 8

Sooo way to go!!!! Now someone cheered you on

SecretMe00 5

Who needs people! Stay focused in life, OP. No one will ever care about you like the way you care about yourself. Sometimes you just have to be selfish.

Awe!!! But just think of it this way OP... You beat the bitch behind you and finished before her! So grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeat job!!! :D

KingOfAmazing 9

It's just one mile, I think the OP should get over themselves.

whosays1 7

Yeah okay now my comment seems really cliche. Guess everyone had the same idea.

SamLiveFree_77 9

WOO-HOO!! YOU CAN DO IT!! There, hope that cheered you up OP. In some sort of way.

hero93 6

She was probably really ugly, so they felt twice as bad for her. Don't worry OP.

Either that or the school *****, but either way, you're the one ahead.

Why do you have to bring someone else down, to lift someone up?

You lived to tell the tale that the important thing!

kristena103 14
jeob1992 8

Is for me that and get a girl.

kickuwithmyfist 1

You should of she'd run in to it BAM! Problem solved!

Jakesterk96 8

Yea, because right when she smells the fart, everyone will cheer for OP!!

GovernorGeneral 8

But its not that easy making friends in the middle of the school year when everyone has already made their 'friend groups' Unless youre a new student...