By AylaMarie92 - 21/07/2014 21:04 - Canada - Hopkins Landing

Today, I was scrubbing the bloody aftermath of a successful mouse trap off of my stove with an old toothbrush. After a few good scrubs, out of habit I put the toothbrush in my mouth while I turned on the water. FML
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AylaMarie92 tells us more.

AylaMarie92 18

OP here. I definitely threw away the toothbrush after this, and brushed my teeth with a brand new, mouse-free toothbrush for about 2 hours straight, and listerine listerine listerine o.o I keep my old toothbrushes around for such occasions when there's a hard to reach, disgusting mess to deal with such as this one XD Thanks for all your comments, I've had my tetanus shot lmao, still going to get checked out by a doctor ASAP

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3mi1y_ 16

I actually just cringed

mentallizzard 19

what a terrible mistake


mentallizzard 19

what a terrible mistake

JocelynKaulitz 28

Yeah, talk about your ratatouille.

ber4fun 23

It's karma for using a mousetrap instead of the less lethal traps.

Get over it #57, you can't put poison everywhere.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#57- Also, if you're talking about using the sticky traps instead, those are horrible and cruel. Mousetraps get the job done much quicker and painlessly; sticky traps leave the animal terrified and unable to move while they slowly starve to death, and some (not all) poisons are dangerous to animals who eat the mouse after it has injested the poison.

Not to mention the fact that you shouldn't put poison on your stove.

Damn that sucks OP, hope you don't get sick!

This is one of the nastiest fml's I have heard

This one is definitely up there but go to "best of all time" and you will be disgusted

3mi1y_ 16

I actually just cringed

My first reaction was to cringe. I can't imagine what that must've tasted like. Don't mice have fur? Or hair of some kind? o_O

I think everyone who read this cringed.

Never eat while reading FML.... never eat while reading FML.... I have to remember that!

Yeah. I wasn't even eating and I just threw-up a little.

NzaHaFML 13

I legitimately gagged.

ostfaiz 18 need an acidic mouthwash now plus FYL

martialart1st18 19

I would want the top layer of the skin in my mouth to be completely gone!

Gargle with bleach. Obviously the only solution.

@38 Eat a hot pocket

ohhh snap time for the listerine and seriously who puts ydi on this.....

haha, does anyone ever really deserve to have crusty rat blood in their mouth?

badluckalex 23

sometimes people put ydi on accident, but there are some trolls

Doing something completely idiotic to yourself... Yeah you deserved it for being completely idiotic. I mean everyone's done stupid things to themselves and we all know deep down we deserved the results.

What, you've never made a mistake out of habit, #69?

Umm yeah I have, I even said I had. You know the part where I said "we've all done stupid stuff to ourselves" .... But I still deserved it for being an idiot. To get philosophical on ya. If you can't admit you deserved it for being an idiot you'll probably stay an idiot.

I put YDI just because it should be common sense not to put a mouse trap on counter space or on your stove. Seriously, who wants a dead rodent where you prepare food?

At least your teeth should be squeaky clean.

Hey, OP, say "cheese".

That pun was simply cheesy.

I'm sorry, it sounded pretty gouda in my head.


Your pun just bleu my mind.

Good protein at least...

Along with a couple of diseases?.... I'd rather eat a protein bar.

That's gonna break some teeth

still disgusting.

That's not protein. That's disease.

At least you didn't continue to brush.

jco1a 15

could of been worst he could of shitted on the toothbrush first

11: since it was an old toothbrush used for cleaning, it quite possibly could have human feces on it. Yuck!

I'm pretty sure he meant the mouse, not OP...

34: quite right. That's what I get for replying while tired. *facepalm* cant win em all.

Well, 41, you still pointed out another valid thing so I'd say you still win.