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  Sweet_Meli  |  11

That's exactly what I tell myself everyday at work. It's the motto to live by to get through the day, Especially in retail. By the way this might be a new trend , someone peed in our fitting rooms the other day, so disgusting.

By  nephilim241  |  19

For some reason a bit of Biology from school stuck in my head. Fecal matter is not excrement since it is not excreted (generated) by the body as per urine, sweat, tears, saliva etc. It is just a digestive waste product. Still, FYL, sorry to hear that OP.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Excretion: "waste matter discharged from the body; especially : waste (as feces) discharged from the alimentary canal"

excernere is latin for "to separate or to discharge" and fecal matter falls under the category of waste discharged from blood, tissues, or organs.


44 - I think your prof was right, you just worded it poorly. Fecal matter is excrement (by definition), but excrement is never actually excreted by the body because the definition of excretion is "To separate and discharge (waste matter) from the blood, tissues, and organs." Feces are never actually moved to/from the bloodstream, they stay in the gut the whole time they're in your body.

By  jsc9306  |  14

I've heard of that happening before when I worked at Macy's. cleaning up fitting rooms is a shitty job. I worked them before and told my kids- don't EVER leave them a mess. Someone has to pick up after you. Def, a shitty job.