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  lulinator  |  40

When students are in AP classes, I believe it's kind of expected that they know certain things. It's not up to schools to teach kids everything. Probably why they always make them do current events projects, to get them familiar with looking at newspapers and media.

  imyy  |  20

OP needs to step up his teaching and find ways to get through with these kids. If all of them knew the right answer, he wouldn't need to be teaching them, right?

My point is this reflects far more on the teacher(s) than the students, since this is exactly what OP should've covered already (countries and their cultures - a quick overview) :-/

  GlasgowSneer  |  13

From my past experiences, AP classes don't have the lesson taught to you. You're expected to go home and self-teach yourself from the textbook. The teacher is really only there to add on to what he/she expects you to already know (based off of what you learned) and to basically just lecture you. You take all the notes and everything by yourself, basically.

  ViviMage  |  38

No no! Ebolan ambassadors will visit them!

  MrSassypants  |  32

A long comment may not be necessary, but I always get upset when people say stuff like this. If both of your faiths in humanity can be taken away by something so menial then you didn't have much faith in humanity in the first place. Seriously. It says several classmates thought that. Several is defined as "more than two, but not many." I bet most of the students in the class knew that Ebola wasn't a country. Also, just because some kids thought Ebola was a country doesn't even mean anything. Who hasn't thought a stupid mistake like that? A good example would be any episode of Jeopardy or any game show where a contestant was owning shit and then messed up on a question so obvious.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

Because a few 12 year olds couldbt name west African countries? I doubt many adults could name any. How many adults can name the country that contains the Ebola river the disease was named after?