By cunting cuntface of a boss - 25/02/2014 20:42 - Australia

Today, I had to proofread a document my boss had written. When I pointed out that he spelled "college" as "collage" multiple times, he angrily accused me of trying to make him look stupid. This is the guy who constantly boasts about his "genius" IQ level to the whole office. FML
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report the bitch to hr for being a dumbass

People never want to believe that they are wrong. The only way they'd admit it is if a superior found the mistake. Then they'd blame it on you for not fixing it.


report the bitch to hr for being a dumbass

How far would reporting such a minor situation like this to human resources get you? What would you acheive?! People report others over the smallest things, its kinda scary. smh.

It's not like he's suing him or anything. The boss gives OP a job to do, then bitches about it when he does it right. OP definitely has the right to complain.

In addition, it seems like the boss doesn't know the meaning of collage

47 - When the guy who's supposed to be my boss cannot differentiate between *college* and *collage*... yeah, I would not consider that a "minor situation".

People never want to believe that they are wrong. The only way they'd admit it is if a superior found the mistake. Then they'd blame it on you for not fixing it.

Stupid people don't know they're stupid...

So true. So damn screwed too.

Most people who boast about their IQs are the dumb ones, while the more resolute people are the actual ones with high IQs...

Well *there's* intelligence. Or not.

I find this comment confusing

I find your profile picture confusing.

people do that so often! it bugs me

Yeah I remember reading something here lately about how IQ tests/scores actually dont mean a damn thing. I don't know how true it is but I get so tired of hearing about peoples "IQs" and how "intelligent" they think they are.-.-

Hopefully his bosses read it and see what an idiot he is.

Anybody who boasts about having a "genius" IQ is most assuredly insecure and is probably not a genius.

He's an artist. Give him a break.

At least he painted a great picture of what that IQ score looked like...

Oh darnit spellcheck.

Collage is a real word, so spellcheck wouldn't pick up on it . . .


#49 No shit Sherlock!

He's not smart at all. What a jerk.

The ability to spell correctly is not necessarily an indication of intelligence. I have an incredibly high IQ, and a vocabulary comprehension that far exceeds the national average. Spell check is still my friend, and I always have at least one other person proof any of my business papers to ensure the spelling is correct. On the other hand, if you are asking coworkers to double check your work, it is probably a bad idea to berate them when they correct your mistakes. Especially if you are constantly bragging about how smart you are.

@10 Exactly, even the most intelligent people make mistakes. The problem is that the boss is a jerk and won't admit that he's wrong. It doesn't mean he's not intelligent, just that he's arrogant.

Amen! I was beginning to think I was alone here! I have never understood people who link spelling ability to intelectual ability. Having an hightened ability to memorize ordered letters will not get you any closer to building a plasma cannon.

You are on the nail, I spell like shite but IQ is apparently high.. Its all bullshit and adherence to someones defined measure. My partners nickname for me is Dumbass to get this into context, and she (IMHO) is exceptionally bright but not by the same measure. I just accept we are what we are and we should laugh at the measures used to define us! Much love