By terrible kenny - 30/01/2011 09:24 - United States

Today, as I went into my calculus class, the teacher announced that someone had received a negative grade on the test we were getting back. I laughed and said, "Which f*cker managed to get a negative?" Turns out I'm the dumbass. FML
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you shouted f*** in a class? even more reason you're stupid


you can't have school on Sunday! gotcha!!

Acousticpixie14 6

This FML was posted at 1am so it's safe to assume that he's talking about Saturday. Gotcha!

you doubt have school on Saturday. gotcha

sipher16 0

wow New York is messed up. I never knew that. got me

New York is a great place. I live there.

Acousticpixie14 6

Yeahhh lots of people have school on Saturday haha Especially at the collegiate level.

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Can't have school on a Sunday? That really depends on where in the world you are. I have school on Sunday, but on Friday I have no school. In all fairness, this is in New York; however, the FML could have been written any day of the week, but may have been posted days later. Double "gotcha".

there's also the possibility that it actually happened during the week but he didn't post it til Saturday or Sunday

What are you doing in calculus anyway? Snowplow 101 already filled up??

Are you kidding me?!?!?! OP got exactly what he/she deserved!

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nicefacekidd 4

I think you should STFU and stop trying to "show off" Honey, makes you look bitchy and idiotic.. LOVE, - Jasmine (:

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Acousticpixie14 6

Sure, he may look "bitchy and idiotic" to you, but you all who are making comments like that just look like insecure assholes haha

GuyMcGee 0

THIS JUST IN- Thelargestidiot just said it "must suck to be an idiot"

nitewlf12 10

Seriously? You're making a sarcastic remark about his intelligence? Learn how to spell before you do that next time. It's spelled you're not your. He is cool, not in possession of it.

Pfft, over 100? Mine are over 9000!!!

Wow, this is pathetic. This person is either trying to make themselves feel better by lying. or telling the truth. AND you guys are jealous and just fueling her needs.....

Why's everyone hating on #2? I personally find calculus the easiest shit ever as well, everyone's entitled to their opinions dont hate just cause he's a math whiz.

Okay, guys. To settle: The dude's user name is "thelargestidiot". He's calling everyone who didn't get 100 on all their math tests idiots. If his user name is calling him an idiot, wouldn't that mean he didn't get 100 on all his math tests? Yeah... I thought that made sense. He's using sarcasm. No one gets 100 on every math test unless they're purely genius. Edit: I find calculus extremely hard, but then again math is not my forte. To each their own.

Haha, What a nerd. "I used to get over 100s" sooo cool..

Haha, What a nerd. "I used to get over 100s" sooo cool..

Tadeusz_fml 5

How can you get over 100? Assuming it's percentage, otherwise the figure would've had no frame of reference and been irrelevant and pointless to mention. Ergo you are lying or also very bad at maths.

Acousticpixie14 6

There's this thing called extra credit....and many teacher offer it, dumbass.

Tadeusz_fml 5

'Teachers'. Still somewhat unlikely, don't you think?

haha, you guys are funny. Really, there was no need for #2 to post this, just like there is no need for you guys to freak out over it...but thanks for making me laugh.(:

32, 41, & 100- Watch the language please.....

Acousticpixie14 6

lolawazhere, I hope to God you are kidding.

While teachers do offer extra credit on some tests, one will find that, after high school, any kind of reputable higher math course teacher will offer extra credit very sparingly. It's the remedial stuff in which bulk extra credit is offered for struggling students. This comment is so general that it's easy to assume some things. What kind of math is it? If it's an elementary algebra up to calc 1 test on which you got over 100, not that impressive. If it's in calc 3, diff eq, linear algebra, etc. That's a bit more impressive.

guitargirl00 0

haha 139 I love you for saying that

Dear Acousticpixie14, Would you be ever be so kind to pull your head out of your ass and shut the **** up? You see, thebiggestloser is bragging and the only insecure asshole is you. Go ahead and now pretend like I'm the insecure one. However, take a good long look at your comments and see if you can get it through your thick-head that just because someone is pointing out another person's mistake does not mean they are insecure.

Dude your username tells exactly what you're acting like right now

It's not in any case impressive to get a 100% in any class in the USA... I'm from germany and went to the states for an exchange year... 114% was my lowest score and it was still the highest in class. It's more impressive to get through highschool in germany at all then getting a high One in the US. But fck it. Why do you need education if you can have guns right?...

alextheguineapig 0

you shouted f*** in a class? even more reason you're stupid

sbharani96 4

You assumed that he shouted f*** in class? Even more reason you're stupid.

he didn't assumed that,it's written in the post

Could've been he said it quietly to his friends or something

cryssycakesx3 22

#3 won't even shout it on fml.

YDI for being disdainful with someone who failed the test, and Y(even more)DI for insulting yourself

There are some exams where you receive a penalty for the wrong answer (generally if it's multiple choice it would be -0.25 per wrong answer) This is done to discourage guessing.

cradle6 13

40-Thats very true but it should be impossible to receive a negative score since usually there's a minimum score.

@40 Yeah they used to do that on AP tests. This year they(people at collegeboard) removed the penalty for guessing. Guess they knew about OP.

Reasonable 4

Sometimes there are extra penalties... My first calc teacher was pretty nice about notation and would take no more than 10 points, even if you screwed up the entire thing. Some teachers might be evil enough to take off 1-5 points for every missed plus C or limit sign.

Pyrodron 0

I think he mean't a bad grade.

Sometimes they take away extra points for forgetting to put a name, this actually happened to a friend

Acousticpixie14 6

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Acousticpixie14 6

I know, right? Math comes pretty easy to me, but I know not so much to others, but with studying you should be able to get a decent grade...

Some people have a hard time understanding math. It's actually very common for people to fail advanced math classes like calculus. So obviously, you're just an obnoxious asshole

Why would you even laugh about that and say that in the first place? YDI, ******

nicefacekidd 4

I think you should STFU and stop trying to "show off" Honey, makes you look bitchy and idiotic.. LOVE, - Jasmine (:

dancingqueen5678 1

obviously, he doesn't study. chill.

OP is one cocky ******; however, they deserved it. Karma is a bitch :c

nitewlf12 10

Really? Did you seriously post the EXACT same thing as a response to two peoples' comment? And you said that THEY look dumb and idiotic? Really? That makes you look stupid and unoriginal. Quit being a haterif you're not going to be original about it.

23 u posted the SAME comment for 2 posts and in the second post it has nothing to do with anything so just stfu bi** 57 agreed

Acousticpixie14 6

He got a negative! That means he did not study, and did not pay any attention in class, if he even came to class. Which yes, would make him a moron.

23 what is your problem you spastic he is standing up for respect for others

LabRats_fml 4

Think positive, not negative.

You approach the limit of the class's mirth at your misfortune as it approaches infinity, then take the integral of that function to find the area of the story of your f'd up life, OP. o_O

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^got more then 100s on calc exams!

You're like...taking stupidity to a whole new level ;)

catkat1988 17

"Today, we were getting test results back for a calculus test that I'd had a lot of trouble with, so needless to say, I was nervous. The teacher announced that someone had received a negative grade on the test, which only served to heighten my nervousity, when someone in the class laughed and said, "Which f*cker managed to get a negative!?" Well, it was me. FML" Seriously, OP, the FML could as well have went like that for another kid in your class. A little respect goes a long way.

Hey... she could be the love child of George Dubya and Sara Palin.

dtrump_fml 0

That's how English works. You can make up words and if enough people start using it, it becomes a word. Thanks to Shakespeare we have the word "bubble." So who cares if he uses a made-up word? Everyone still understands what he means.

SmallTownCutie 0

62- I fail to see the bitchiness. A great deal of sarcasm maybe, but no bitchiness.