By Anonymous - 22/12/2012 06:31

Today, due to bad weather, my dad let me take his car to drive to my apartment 3 hours away. I only realized when I got there that my keys were still sitting on my parents' kitchen counter. FML
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Just ask him to bring you your keys. Oh, wait...

Three hour drive and bad weather, i suggest break the lock or find a locksmith, who will laugh at your situation while picking the lock.


That locks you in a difficult position. Accio keys!

NotGabe 28

I bet that rained on her day. She must be so flurryous! It must've been hard to unlock her from her storming about.

I love when people bring up fandom on fml... Makes my day

Just ask him to bring you your keys. Oh, wait...

zingline89 18

He can just fax them to her. I don't see the problem.

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Simple solution get a Vivint alarm dude. Can unlock your doors with a tap of a button on your iPhone. Plus you can also turn up your thermostat so it's nice and warm when you get home as well.

Dammit, I thought I was safe from the Vivint salespeople on the internet. Guess not.

No, I think he will camp outside his apartment until the next morning, then he will head back.

Or just break a bloody window. Seriously, **** driving three hours back for something that can be resolved in seconds.

As good as that sounds, she lives in an apartment, not a full on house. She may not live on the ground floor.

Three hour drive and bad weather, i suggest break the lock or find a locksmith, who will laugh at your situation while picking the lock.

Aren't they pretty expensive? Sorry if I'm wrong....

MrBond007_fml 6

There seem to be a few holes In this story. How did you get to your parents house, couldn't you go back the same way? What did your dad lending you his car have to do with the story? If the weather was so bad should you really be driving? Don't you have a neighbor/friend/family member who lives closer and has a spare? Still I guess that sucks, I could probably just feel more bad for you if it all made sense.

Maybe he drove his car to his parents' house but his dad's car is better in bad weather and that's why he drove it back to his apartment.

Maybe he took a bus while going to his parents, and his parents decided driving a car is better than taking public transport in bad weather, Yes, I give my spare to two of my friends, my annoying neighbor, a family member who lives close-by, also to the homeless man sitting outside my house, just in case; poor OP was not that smart.

MrBond007_fml 6

Don't be a dip shit 12. A lot of people have at least one trustworthy person they can leave a spare key with, and they do. My grandpa lives a block away from me and he has a spare to my house.

leogachi 15

#12, the number of questions your comment raises is too damn high.

14--maybe he doesn't have any friends or family that live close to him. I had to move to a city where I didn't know anybody. Nobody to give a spare key to.

how does using his dads car make any point at all? why would he think to grab his keys if he isn't using his car? c'mon now. use your head.

Drive to a close friend's house, and stay there until weather clears up?

Luckily for you, you have your fathers car with you and you will be sitting dry, warm and comfortable instead of standing outside in the bad weather.

When I'm on the road...(road road road road...) I see stuff going by.... when I'm on the road... I got a bug in my eye. (road road road road..)

I really don't see a problem, it's not your car so it's not your gas. Just drive back, you'll be warm in the car.

right, because OP is definitely in the mood to endure another 3-hour drive in bad weather... honestly, it's less about the gas, and more of the commute (especially in bad weather). If OP had classes or a job to go to the next day, they would have to actually endure another 6 hours worth of driving ahead of them if they actually bothered. I live 1.5 hours away from my parents, and I would still rage at the thought of leaving my apartment keys at their house.

You're supposed to return the car back in the same condition as it was first borrowed. Plus it would be kind of you to fill it up with gas.

It seems to me, that you are missing the key, to your immediate warmth and comfort. But don't despair, hark! who goes there? It is I, the great locksmith, travelled far to avert, this calamitous occasion, that leaves cold your home and hearth! Quick like a flash, he withdrew drills and picks, he even had time to stop and scratch on his dick... He whooped and he clapped, cried: break free you piece of crap!! At long last! says he, this ****** door is free! Next time don't be a dumb ass, please remember to grab your keys! Now wait just a damn moment here, I need $100 please...