By InNeedOfFriends - 12/04/2013 00:00 - United States

Today, I got all dressed up, in high heels and a sparkly dress, to sit in the library for most of the night so that my roommate and his friends would believe that I have a social life. FML
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That's a bit of a shame. Why not just ask if they fancy going out for a few? Doors may open.

born_hustla 26

Hi I'm Marc and you are...? See, it's not that hard to make friends. Don't feel bad, just go out and make friends!!


That's a bit of a shame. Why not just ask if they fancy going out for a few? Doors may open.

Precisely or you know, since your already fancied up go to a bar or a club or a coffee shop... Actually BE social instead of pretending

moonsalt 20

To be honest, if someone puts that much effort into faking a social life, would it not be easier to actually have one?

Maybe OP has some social anxiety issues?

15- You can try and try, working your fingers to calloused nubs trying to make friends and gain a social life, but still get nowhere. There's not enough information about the OP to know their specifics, but social interaction involves two people, and if the other person doesn't want any of it, then you'll get about as far as a slug on salt-flats. Much like my relationship with the FML community, I love them all so, but they seem to hate me. 22- Spot on idea

UnluckyGenius 21

It's ok OP, for the longest time the only human interaction I had was my dad, mom, and sister.

Time to hit the club! Meet some new people, cute guys, and have fun!

werewolf_babe 16

Same here, one of the only people I talk to at school is my little brother Q.Q

UnluckyGenius 21

From 10 through 13 I pretty much just rolled out of bed said "Hi" to my mom then got on StarCraft or some other game.

born_hustla 26

Hi I'm Marc and you are...? See, it's not that hard to make friends. Don't feel bad, just go out and make friends!!

Ya OP go to a club and talk to die people you never know what could happen

Go online and meet some new people. Immediately. There's no reason you have to feel lonely, there are so many people just dying to meet someone like you. You'll find someone to hang out with easily, be introduced to their friends, and so on :)

Female and meeting random people from the Internet, this sounds like a great idea... -.-

Yeah, you go out to a public place, have your fun, and part ways. Meeting a random person in "real life" and hanging out with them poses the same risk, but if you're intelligent about it, chances are you'll be fine. It's not like I'm saying "go to some man's house for a first meeting, tell no one where you're going, and make sure you accept whatever drink he offers you." Get real

Except the internet allows people to fake who they really are.

If you meet in a well-lit, public place.... shouldn't matter too much for your safety. "Oh you're a 73 year old man and not a 22 year old girl that wants a shopping buddy? Guess this outing is over, nice to meet you, bye." Will clear up 95% of most mistaken identity mishaps. Also FB and Google are your friends

What the hell do you mean "shouldn't matter too much for your safety"?!?!! My safety matters very much, thank you! Who in their right mind safety shouldn't matter much?!?!

Aw op talk to people online if you find it hard connecting with them.

Meh, if they really are gonna judge you on your social life, tell them to go **** themselves. If you don't want to go out and interact/talk to people most of the time, then you don't have to. I find reading or being in the library much more satisfying sometimes, so don't even sweat it OP, I bet your still awesome.

BunBunBabe 8

Next time you get all pretty and ready, go out somewhere fun instead of sitting at a library!

mokielove 10

In a sparkly dress and high heel shoes?

Ya man, don't you know how much sparkly things attract fish?

"I would've gone fishing." is a much better sentence.

Why should it matter what your roommates think?

Wouldn't you want people to think you have friends? People's opinions matter to us even if they shouldn't. We just all want to be accepted.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I beg to differ... I wouldn't give a llama's balls about being "accepted" and I'm pretty sure a lot of people too.

Not really I mean if I have to prove something to people I don't even know or like that much, it's just kind of a lost cause. People have better things to do than wait for some dicky persons aproval.

That's pretty embarrassing, maybe you should ask your roommate to hang out. Or make more friends. Just be yourself.