By DriveMeNot - 27/10/2010 00:02 - United States

Today, I reached into my pocket and found my mom's car keys. I'm a four hour drive away, and she obviously can't come to pick them up. FML
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Express post it back to her! Not so difficult!


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Express mail them to her, she'll get them the next day :)

You could have made that your own comment, darling. There was no need to reply to me.

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Maybe she just wanted to threadjack to see if you would call her "darling"? BTW such an interesting trademark!(:

#1 - no one replies to ur comment, it is just a workaround to show up in the top list of comments. I don't even read comments after the first 3

I like how OP says it's a 4 hour drive, so he doesn't want to drive... but he would espect his mom to make the drove for him. I feel like that's just a wee bit selfish.

Agreed, express mail them, and send along something apologising too. :)

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Why do you have them? Maybe call a friend or family member. I'm sure someone can give you a ride.

maybe op just forgot? I've accidentally done that when I was in high school lol

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more like, **** HER life, not yours... until you get home that is... oh, btw...1st ???

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hmmm...looks like someone is going to be paying for expensive overnight shipping...good luck op!

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pretend it wasnt you who took them

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your a bitch that's their mom! you don't do that shit to your family. idiot.

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your family probably hates you that's why you font care.

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If she only had one key for it, then she kinda had it coming.

13: Before this summer, I would have agreed with you, but I bought my (used) car with only one key. (And no remote, for that matter.)

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One key is enough to make a copy from.

Actually, that's not always true. I had a Pontiac that was one of the first keys to have a chip in it. It required 2 keys to make a copy. If you know someone who works for a certified garage there is a work around got it though.