By anonymous - 22/12/2017 15:00

Today, I took the bus home after visiting a friend. Standing in front of my house, I realized that I had forgotten my keys. They were still in my car, which I had parked at my friend's place and forgotten. FML
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1) How could you forget that you drove to your friend’s house? 2) Why would you leave your keys inside your car?

corky1992 33

How do you forget that?


Burle 17

Locked inside your car?

Some how people manage to do that....

1) How could you forget that you drove to your friend’s house? 2) Why would you leave your keys inside your car?

Some people don’t have their car keys and house keys on the same ring

sometimes I walk to the store. Sometimes I drive. So I can see that. But locking your keys in the car? I don't understand how people can do that. That's got to be a special case of absent minded stupid.

craft327 2

But do you leave your car at the store and walk home without it?

How are people saying that they can understand forgetting a 1/2 ton hunk of metal that costs you a decent amount of money every month, even if you have no car payment (gas, insurance, etc.), but they don't understand how you can forget your keys (which are small enough to fit in your pocket) inside said car? HOW DO YOU FORGET YOUR CAR?!? I mean, I guess if OP was drinking and didn't want to drive, that's a different story, and I commend you for that. But I don't see how anyone could ever forget their car was at their friend's house.

cheshireau 26

Maybe OP had been drinking and didn’t want to drink and drive?

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

You don't happen to have Alzheimer, do you?

arioch_fml 20

Why the hell wouldn't you take your car back? If you were drinking why wouldn't you just take the bus, a cab, or get dropped off.

arioch_fml 20

At the friends house.

corky1992 33

How do you forget that?

It took you that long to check your pockets? Did you not pay for the bus ride, or did you pull a Marty McFly and grab the rear bumper of the bus and have it tow you while you rode on your skateboard?

that makes no sense. why would you drive to your friends and then take the bus home?

rety1 13

if you can forget that you drove somewhere, maybe you should take the bus more often.

Stop complaining everyone knows how to break into their own house.

How drunk were you?