By FenRackety - 10/05/2013 12:37 - Canada

Today, at work, I was trying to get the octopus out of its tank to transfer it to another one. It instantly latched to my face and sprayed ink all over me. My boss told me to stop playing with the animals. FML
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txgirl2013 14

"Aw you made me INK!!"

Tigerblossom 19

Do you work at an aquarium or a pet shop? Because if its a pet shop you can't have the animals getting too "attached" to you.


txgirl2013 14

"Aw you made me INK!!"

AHappyGoth 14

Seen enough hentai to know where this is going. . .

\ 28

"Crikee! All the animals have gone mad!" -dentist

\ 28

I think we can all thank the Japanese for showing us fetishes the universe could not have imagined on its own. Lol

Yes because getting ink all over your face is SO MUCH FUN!

You call that an ink defense? AHH!! (Ink splatters everywhere)

Dawnstempest 17

@1 Just keep swimming.

21 - Japan: now no longer part of the universe?

\ 28

Japan is its own universe. That's how developed they've become :)

"Uugghh I keep trying to ink but all that comes out is .... You don't want to know what comes out"

@21 Too bad America forced Japan to invent porn like that. You think they censor everything for fun? They have strict laws against showing genitals so they use tentacles to bypass the laws.

Llama_Face89 33

97- somehow I doubt the US forced anything on a country that sells modeling videos of 5 yr olds that border on softcore porn...

damn it, she just fucked an animal! arrest her

because in the US they don't have shows like toddlers and tiaras and honey-boo-boo?

Love that movie!

#1 made a Finding Nemo reference. How did this lead to Hentai?

countryrose92 23

Lol, working in an aquarium, best job EVER!!!

Corrupt_waffles 13

Working with Octopi is the best job ever. They are so amazing and intelligent. Op should have been a little more cautious but I don't think he was entirely in the wrong. Those animals are super sensitive to light and it's surroundings. Something else probably spooked it.

lilrye115 8

Sushi for dinner?

Misswildsides 22

Sushi is not octopus!

Yeah! That's kalamari... or however you spell it.

monnanon 13

its a c at the begining. apart from that you`re fine :)

Calamari is fried squid. Octopus is octopus. :P

you f*cking rule 47. there's just not enough precision around these days.

skyeyez9 24

Squid is calamari.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I love calamari. It's really chewy. You can add done wasabi sauce to kick it up a notch.

Good calamari isn't chewy...

perdix 29

#86, yet, oddly enough, I prefer my calamari chewy. (I like pencil erasers, too, but that's beside the point.) There is sushi made from octopus, too.

Tigerblossom 19

Do you work at an aquarium or a pet shop? Because if its a pet shop you can't have the animals getting too "attached" to you.

What sort of pet shop has octopi in stock? They can't sell too many of them.

They do that ink-ase of emergencies. Those sneaky cephalopods, though, they're trying to kill you!

I have an inkling that the octopus was afraid.

An octopus exchanged his old tentacles for new ones. It was ‘squid pro quo’.

olpally 32

Finding nemo anyone? Lol. Sounds like an awesome job though :)

I thought about "Star Wars" Quarrens. :P And also when the same thing happened in "Tom & Jerry".(:

MasterTron 24

I was thinking of pentapox from the last avatar

Llama_Face89 33

89- Avatar: The Last Airbender*

Capt_Oblivious 10

That was pretty vulgaris of him

I'm surprised you noticed, Captain Oblivious.

Where the hell do you work!?

rg350dx 29

A rock quarry.

flockz 19

at the airport.

He is a key player in the accounting department.

Redoxx_fml 22

For some reason I thought this was gonna be an elaborate innuendo

hooligyn123 18

Toys R Us

flockz 19

in the back room of a porn set.

gurly98 13

Somebodys in an inky situation

rg350dx 29

NO. Annoying isn't it?

why WERE you trying to move an octopus????

olpally 32

It's part of op's job, read the fml again.

rg350dx 29

Did you even read the whole FML? You literally only had to read the first sentence.

OP likes moving octopuses to different places