By humanshield - 10/04/2016 16:49 - United States - Rockland

Today, while working my job as a swim instructor, my coworker sprayed me with the hose. I instinctively held up what I was holding to block the cold water. I was holding a 4 year-old. FML
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as a fellow swim instructor, I would've done the same

Well, that's one way to use a human shield.


Well, that's one way to use a human shield.

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This is irrelevant but I love you profile picture

#33 this is irrelevant but i hate your profile picture. f$&#?ing creepy.

as a fellow swim instructor, I would've done the same

Well at least you acted defensively instead of attacking back with what you were holding

I definitely read it too fast at first and thought OP did. I imagined a kid flying through the air. XD

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hopefully the child thought is was a game and isn't scarred for life.

If anyone brings it up just play it off as you were doing it intentionally and it was part of a game you were playing!

Sheesh I live in New York which was freezing today and MA is usually colder than here so I hope the child wasn't too cold.. & the parent wasn't watching and mad.

Any parent getting mad at their kid getting wet when they are at swimming classes needs a new brain since the old one has clearly decayed beyond saving.

It's likely an indoor pool also, as most outdoor ones don't open until Memorial Day or so.

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We are all glad to know you are not a soccer coach.

It seems children make for effective barrier protection. We can make use of this for cheaper and more efficient police armor, military gear, condoms, and umbrellas.

This just went downhill when you listed "condoms".

There is a certain irony to it, I suppose.

I'm not sure how willing children would be going to "work" as "Bob's left arm armor #1" cause you'd need another for the back of the arm.