By anonymous - 06/02/2015 05:16 - Australia - Mitcham

Today, my boss brought his cat to the office. Despite our no pet policy, I still managed to get the blame when the crazy animal scratched 3 colleagues and peed on the floor after my boss left for bathroom. Apparently I was supposed to be "looking after it". FML
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eyebrowzzz 21

What grown man brings their cat to work

It would be a shame if someone left the door open.


Dreamsorrow93 24

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Wtf?! Do you even have a subconscious? Gosh, that's enough internet for me for a while.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Gosh I said "landing" as in it survive on its feet. I love kitties :(

So, by your logic, you express your love by throwing said persons/objects out the window?

Dreamsorrow93 24

Yes. Love is pain. Let me love you with my knife. Then a window landing.

Do you know what sarcasm is number 17?

YourOpinionSucks 22

Throw it out of the window? Nah, open the window and place it on the floor and let it run away? Definitely. He wouldn't be able to do shit against OP anyways because of the no pets policy. Should read "Today I was too pussy to stand up to my boss. FML." See what I did there?

hobbs96 26

Shoulda turned the blame back around

Have you considered finding a new job? I would never work under a boss, who blames his own eployees for something that is obiosly his own fault, for more than necessary to find a new workplace

Wait, your boss thinks you seriously peed on the floor? I'm sorry for your idiotic boss, OP!

I don't think so. He/she knows it was his cat, but he blames OP for not holding it back from peeing on the floor.

There seems to be a streak of idiotic bosses recently :-/ I hope you're able to report him or something for that OP.

Your boss is an idiot. Everyone knows you don't leave crazy pussy unsupervised.