By shaviTuT - 07/02/2013 19:44 - Malaysia - Bandar Penggaram

Today, after three weeks of holding out, my stingy boss finally called animal control about the birds in the air vent above the register. While I was working, they rummaged through the vents, causing live maggots to fall down right in front of me. FML
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That has got to be one of the grossest things ever

If would have been worse if it fell on her instead of in front of her...

I would have bugged out. But then, its better than poop from one of the birds splashing down atop your head/in your face/mouth. And/or being attacked by one.

asnakelovinbabe 16

Maggots aren't even that gross... I mean they aren't pleasant... But... They're quite tame compared to a lot of things! They're just cleaning up after everyone else... someone has to do it! And to think! The maggots didn't even fall ON her! :/

OP will this image flying around in her mind for a while. Hopefully OP could nestle up in another area to work in at her workplace until everything is cleaned up so she wouldn't be insect-ions like that. That would make her more chipper.

Thats disgusting! Time to call billy the exterminator

BoobsAreAmazing 7

Hopefully, they just fell in front of you and not on you.

Put those things in a cup(if you can) and show your boss. Should convince him well enough.

hopsinlove17 26

Or leave them on the floor and show him/her...

Or sprinkle them in his hair while he's bot looking and hope one of the birds swoops down for a snack.

Bot looking? Is this some type of robot ****?

Why are you complaining OP? Free lunch is a privilege, maggots are full of riboflavin.

I had a problem with mold in the ceiling panels at work which the supervisor would not get fixed. Many employees had respiratory problems and complained too. Many sick days were taken due to this problem. I finally called the EPA who takes things like that seriously. We are now in a new office building as the cost to make the old one meet minimum standards was too high.

You should be able to make an anonymous call to the local building authority... maybe get a temporary condemnation as a "sick" building.

Birds and maggots in the vent? Screw animal controll, call Ghostbusters.

Uh, I'm pretty sure Ghostbusters get rid of ghosts. I mean, unless we have Ghost Birds and Ghost Maggots on our hands, then we definitely need them.

Am I the only one that read that in Cleveland's voice? ;)

bfsd42 20

I pictured it in a posh south Dublin accent.